12 travelers were traveling on a ship. They reached in the middle of sea. They lost their direction. They struggled several days to reach a land but they failed. They were very depressed. Their food also finished. Now they wandered with empty stomach for several days. But one day they could not sustain their hunger. Finally they decided to kill the boy who was a worker in the ship. Everybody approved it. They killed the boy and erased their hunger. The boy who was killed was Rechard Parker.

This story had been written by the world famous writer Edgar Allen. And his story became a true event after many years. The only difference was there were 12 travelers in his story but there were only 4 in the real event. The most amazing thing is that the name of the boy who was killed in the real event was also Rechard Parker.

Yes, this is real. 4 travelers had lost their ways in a sea. They had struggled for several days without eating food. At last when their hunger crossed limitation, they ate the boy who used to work in the ship. And his name was Rechard Parker.

When we think, our thinking stores as a wave in the atmosphere. This wave becomes mould and later it becomes reality. A world famous philosopher Jan pal says, ''I think word is more real than object.'' Same happened in the story of Allen. His imagination made a wave and stored in a cyber space. Later it became reality.
{Source: Jiwan Rahasya}
Discovered by Don Prince