Everyone has a secret in life. But someone's life is full of secrets. Perhaps, God also wants to salute them because everyone always knows nothing about them. I think the time has arrived to say something to the world.

7th June 1999, Janakpur, Nepal
Mr. Samir Subedi was humiliated badly by his boss in a factory. He told that his boss had exploited so many  others workers in the factory. He had become blind of his progress. Mr. Samir Subedi had to resign from the job. He said, ''Everything has limitation. But his ego had no limitation.'' Binay said, ''Don't worry. After some months you will tell me a bad news about your boss.'' After two months, he phoned Binay and said, ''It happened what you said. My boss has got a huge loss in business.''

13the January 2014, Dolakha, Nepal
Sital was a student of Grade X in a school. She was sexually misbehaved by a teacher in her school. Her father Salikram Basnet knew it. But he was unable to take any action as the young teacher was a notorious hooligan in the locality. He used to walk with his group. Sajan said to Salikram Basnet, ''Beat the man in the market in front of his gang. Leave everything with me. No one will counterattack.'' He convinced him. The next day Salikram beat the teacher. He looked so much angry and brave. No one dared to counterattack. His group even could not understand when he came, beat their friend and went from there.

12th July 1997, Chitwan, Nepal
Rakesh Pradhan used to give torture to his wife. The investigation showed that it was a woman violence case. His wife's brother wanted to file the case against him. But some people tried to save Rakesh. His brother was helpless. Akash said him, ''Don't worry. Rakesh will unknowingly change his statements and accept the offense.'' The next day in the morning, Rakesh accepted his offense without any debate.

14th March 2001, Kanchanpur, Nepal
Sanjeev was a 16 years old boy. His father was a bus driver. One day his father mistakenly did miner mistake while driving. One man beat him badly. His father did not know the man. Sanjeev said, ''My 60 years old father never harassed anyone in life. However why are people doing like this with him?'' Sanjeev was unable to find the man. Ganesh said, ''Don't worry. I will do something.'' He wrote this real event in his story where the man who beat Sanjeev's father was injured in an accident.'' After some months Ganesh came to know by Sanjeev that the man who beat his Sanjeev's father was mistakenly hit by the vehicle of his father's friend in the market. He did not die but he got injured.

13th September 1998, Sunsari, Nepal
A government official sexually exploited local girls in the name of providing government jobs. Sanumaya's daughter also became victim. Suresh found that the official was politically powerful. No people had gone against him. Sanumaya showed him the house of the official. In the next day Suresh was passing from the house. The gate was closed. He just stared at the gate and the front door of the house. The next day, a bad event took place in the house. Some aggressive people of the locality protested the illegal and immoral acts of that official. They cracked that gate and broke the front door and entered the house and then beat the official. Police hardly saved him.

23rd August 2013, Kathmandu, Nepal
A local group troubled many girls by bluff calls. Sudin was having tea in a hotel. The group came on bikes. They teased a girl there.  They were going somewhere. When they were plying their bikes, Suren stared on one of their bikes. After a few seconds the bike was uncontrollably dragged itself aside and it hit  another bike. They began to quarrel with each other. Suddenly police came and beat all of them randomly and arrested them.

7th April 2002, Parsa, Nepal
A local gang terrorized the locality severely. They had threatened whole society and created a fearful environment. One day  Raju was in the bank of a river of Bara district. He was with her friends. The gang came and began to enjoy swimming in the river. Raju stared far and far straight the river. His friend noticed something and said, ''Oh my God! Look there. It is raining heavily there.'' Suddenly a flood came. The gang began to struggle with the flood and they hardly escaped.

The above mentioned 7 personalities {Binay, Sajan, Akash, Ganesh, Suresh, Sudin and Raju} are not common people. They are superhumans. They are not limited in 7. They are thousands all over the world.

The photos displayed in this article are only for decoration purpose. The name, place and date have been modified. This article is slightly dramatized to give entertaining experience to the readers.
Discovered by Don Prince