Raju is a 9 years old child. He always sees a dream in which someone kills a young man. His parents Rajesh Sharma and Shila Sharma knew it. They become anxious. They consulted in a hospital. Even doctor could not solve this case. They went to police for the help but they got no any fruitful result. Finally they decided to reach the place which Raju sees in his dream.

Surprisingly, Raju knew the ways to the destination which he had never travelled at least in this birth. After a long travel, Raju and his parents reached to the destination. Now Raju remembered everything. He recognized the young man who was killed in his dream. It was himelf. He met his parents, relatives and friends of previous birth. When Raju told each and everything correctly, all believed that he had taken a second birth..

The news spread throughout the locality in a few days. The murderers also knew it. They tried to kill Raju again. But they were arrested red hand by the police with the help of villagers. They accepted that they had killed Ramesh {name of Raju in previous birth} 9 years ago.

India is the land of several such amazing events. The rebirth case is common in this country. Some scientists believe that this is not the rebirth but a type of personality disorder and they are researching on it. But another school believe on it. More surprisingly, they tell that 60% people change their gender in next birth.
{Based on Sawadhan India, Life Ok Channel}
Discovered by Don Prince