This story is the result of the imagination. It is not related to the life of any person in the world. Neither does it represent any real event in the past. However, it is a science story. So it is scientific. It is slightly influenced by the general theory of relativity of  Albert Einstein. The moral of this story is proton never dies. Enjoy the story.

Samrat is the king of electrons. When protons chased electrons from the earth, they settled in a secret planet. Being safe from the protons, Samrat and his warriors disguised themselves into neutrons and lived back on the earth with the mission to finish the existence of protons.

Protons also launched their mission to destroy the electrons forever. Protons were more powerful than electrons. However they were weaker in this war because they had to save neutrons while attacking electrons but electrons did not care about neutrons in war. Because if protons are enemies for them, neutrons are also not friends for them. Moreover, their final mission was to make electron full earth by finishing both neutrons and protons.

Electrons kidnapped some of neutrons so that they could catch protons when they come to save neutrons. Raja, the king of Protons made a mission to save kidnapped neutrons. Raja and his warriors attacked electrons on the earth. Raja having quality to burn fire through eyes finished many electrons. When Raja became heavy to the electrons they warned that if Raja did not surrender, they would kill all the kidnapped neutrons. So Raja had to surrender.

Electrons wanted to finish Raja. They firstly shot bullets on both eyes of Raja so that he can't burn them with his eyes. However, Raja burned some of them with burning fire without eyes. Electron concluded that power must have come from the mind. They cut Raja into pieces and took out his mind.. But some electric waves coming out from the mind of Raja killed many of them again. Finally Samrat burned the mind of Raja and the war turned a wrong turn.

All protons attacked electrons. But they were proven weak without their king. At last, Samrat was about to kill the neutrons, a dead electron woke up and killed all electrons including Samrat. It was an unexpected climax of this war. All became confused. Later neutrons and protons knew that it was Raja's mind which entered the dead body of electron and killed all electrons. Now the king of protons was alive again.
Discovered by Don Prince