About 10 years back, I was staying in a typical community. One day, I was lying on my bed. I was feeling so exhausted. The door was open. I was feeling so lazy to get up from the bed to close the door. But I had to close it anyway. I did an strange activity. I stared at the door. After a while the door slowly closed itself. Next day I tried to do it again for test but I could not do it again.

6 months back, I was alone in my room. It was 11 o'clock night. Some people in the next to my room were still making a noise. Drinking and playing cards were going on there. I was too disturbed by them. Then I opened the curtain of my window and lied on my bed. Now the electric bulb of that room was straight to me. I continuously stared at the bulb. After a while its light went down. I continued this activity. At last the bulb switched off itself. Next day I tested it again, but I did not succeed.

2 months back, I was feeling bored in my room. I had a mobile on my hand. I was waiting for a call by one of my friends. But in reality, I did not want to talk with him on that moment. I watched my mobile again. I planed to play a game with it. I was not going to play any mobile game. I stared at its networking signal. The signal bars began to reduce. After 5 minutes my mobile had no network. Then I went for tea in a tea shop. I found all people facing networking problem on their mobile. Another day, I wanted to do it again for test but I could not do it.

You can find a similar point in those three events above, i.e., I was unable to do any miracle if I was doing it without real desire. So, in conclusion we can say that mind is powerful if there is real desire. Because if there is no real desire, it decreases the faith on the ability. And the mind power is necessarily backed by faith.
{The three events mentioned above are not real. They are only for illustration purpose.}
Discovered by Don Prince