All of you know Batsman, Iron man, Super man and Spider man. Because they are the famous characters of Hollywood movies. But can you imagine such types of characters may be existed in our real life also? I know this is a great surprise to you if I tell you that there are 200 such super men in USA only.

According to Discovery Channel, the super men in USA are disguising themselves into unique personality by using typical types of costumes like those of Spider man and Super man. Some of them hold job in day time and walk on the road whole night in order to help the people. Some of them also help police to arrest criminals. Sometimes they are attacked by criminals which make them injured badly.

There can be a question in your mind. Are those good guys super humans? Also, do  they possess super power like super man and spider man? My answer is 'No, they don't.' However they have got a special strength in them which only a good guy can have. This unknown strength saves them from enemies. So they can easily get over anyone.

You may be thinking. The world is so amazing. Why not? In the one hand, selfishness has reached the apex, there are some amazing people in the other hand. These amazing people live of others regardless of pains they get in returns. Are they really humans? I want to ask this question to them.

You may not believe it. There are three types of people on the earth. I call them electron, neutron and proton. Some people are born with negative nature. They have got bad nature in their DNA. They are no doubt electrons. Similarly, some people are born with positive nature. They are always good. They are protons. But some people are neither good nor bad. They are neutral and they depend on situation. They are obviously neutrons.

I think those 200 real heroes of USA have brought goodness in their DNA. They fall in proton category. They are always good. Also, there are some other people in the world who give service to mankind. They are always positive.
Discovered by Don Prince