''Excuse me! can we exchange our seat?'' A teenager was requesting me. ''Sure'' I smiled, ''Where are you going?'' ''Ramechhap'' Then our conversation began.

Our bus was heading towards Ramechhap district which lies in the hilly region of Janakpur zone of Central Development in Nepal. My destination was on the way. Both the teenager and I lived in Kathmandu. He was going to visit his grandfather and grandmother in the village. ''What do you do?'' He asked me. ''I specially do research for my own company National Discovery Channel.'' ''Oh! once I had ended with it while I was googling Masto God'' ''Why?'' Why are you interested on Masto God?'' ''Because my grandfather also practices Masto Tradition'' '' That means your grandfather is a Masto God?'' ''Yes, you are right'' ''And he lives in Ramechhap?'' ''Yes, he does.'' ''Nice to meet you.''

Till now Masto Tradition was believed to be practiced in Karnali, Seti and Mahakali zone of Mid Western and Far Western Development Region of Nepal. But this teenager gave me the new information that Masto Tradition is also practiced in other parts of Nepal. I guess Masto God is existing in India and China too.

If you don't know what the Masto God is, let me tell you. Masto Tradition is a type of tradition which is particularly practiced by Khas caste of Nepal. Masto God is a witchdoctor who calls God's spirit within his body. Then he proves it by performing several miracles like dipping  hands into boiling oil, breaking iron chain, forecasting future etc. There is no any specific idol of Masto God.

''Do you believe on Masto God?'' I asked this question. He said, ''How don't I believe? My own grandfather is a Masto God.'' While conversing with the son of God, I noticed he was from a common Kshetry community not from the typical Khas group. This is evidence that Masto Tradition is not limited with Khas people.

I wanted to make the Masto God live in National Discovery Channel. But the teenager suggested that the performance of the Masto God is better in Deepawali time. Because Masto Tradition is specially practiced greatly in Deepawali. So we exchanged our mobile number. I said, '' We'll definitely meet in Deepawali season to make documentary on Masto God.''

Khas caste and the Masto Tradition provide a big background to research. Sociologists say that Masto Tradition is vanishing day by day due to modern influence. They say that focus should be given to conserve this tradition as a part of cultural heritage of the country.
Discovered by Don Prince