4th April 2013, at 11 am in India, a car entered 20 km jungle on a highway. There was a small family inside the car. They were going to visit a historical place. But they became a history themselves. They never returned again.

It was a mysterious jungle. No one returned from there The amazing thing is that only the vehicle having at least 1 female lost there. If only men passed, nothing happened. Police set CCTV camera also. But someone used to destroy it every time. After all, police found that a truck used to follow the cars of victims on that spot.

Finally police arrested some people with that truck. After the investigation they found that they used to attack the cars on the highway. They sold the cars making them small pieces. They also cut the passengers into pieces after kidnapping them.

Police surrounded the kidnapper's spot. A woman namely Natasha was struggling there to save her husband and daughter. A fight began between police and criminals. Ultimately police arrested the criminals and rescued Natasha and her family.

After going detail, police found that those criminals had run way from jail who had been accused of murders and robbery. They met a saint in that jungle. The saint told them that he could make them immortal and for that they had to sacrifice some people specially women to the God. So they killed innocents and spread rumor of mysterious truck in the jungle so that they can escape from police. And they were supported by some other people outside the jungle just for money.

In conclusion, they were doing it to succeed over mantras to be immortal which was based on the narration of a saint. And it was totally superstitious. It means superstitions killed all those innocents people.

This report is only one of the representatives of several deaths caused by tantra, mantra and yantra in India. Thousand of people are dying due to superstition in India. Not only in India, this types of practices are going on in some other Asian and African countries too.

The story in this report is quite true. However time, place and name have been slightly changed.
{Based on 'Sawadhan India' episode of Life OK Channel}
Discovered by Don Prince