Some months back National Discovery Channel first brought the 'End of the World 2085' clue through an official discovery. We had completely denied the 'End of the World 2012' issue which was proven in 2012 AD. We also did not support the rumor that the research on Higgs Boson will cause end of the world by automatic creation of a black hole.

All religions advocate that the life on the earth will end one day. Campaigns to defend the earth from ending are rapidly spreading in eastern as well as western countries. There are some people claiming to have come on the earth to save the people in the judgement day.

Discovery Channel shows in a documentary where some warriors are preparing for upcoming attack on the earth to cause an end. In the same documentary some world famous scientists say that the end of the world is near to us.

Some scientists time to time have predicted the dooms day. According to prof. Hawking, after the great event of Big Bang the extension of the universe is still going on. After a certain limitation, it will go back to the previous situation of Big Bang. Einstein appeals to the human beings, ''Forget everything except the humanity. Otherwise you will face a worldwide destruction.'' According to the General Theroy of Relativity of Einstein, the space and time were started from Big Bang and they will end in the black hole.

When Einstine was asked about the use of weapons in the third world war, he says, ''I can't say about the third world war but if there is fourth world war, stone weapons will be used.'' These statements directly forecast the end of the world in third world war.

The condition of environment is going worse due to over population and global warming. We know that 80% of fuels we use are non nonrenewable fuel which will end in 2076 AD. People are dying of disasters, famine, crime and terrorism. So it is unscientific to deny the truth that we are near to the destruction.

In our opinion entire world won't be ended. There will be third world war which will be the war of True and False, Sin and Just and Evils and Gods. True will win in this war. After that new era will begin on the earth. We also estimate that there are some powerful elements to kick start the vehicle of war and they are beyond the capacity of human beings. They will also try to destroy the nuclear power either peacefully or forcefully. They may play political games to commence the world. war.

This article does not claim the end of the world in 2085 AD. It is written only for reference.
Discovered by Don Prince, Mohan Timalsina and Regan Timalsina