When my translator friend introduced me with him, he gave an strange smile and said, ''Hello, Mr. Don, you are welcome.'' I moved my head in answer. I found him very mysterious. I still remember his house, his room and his talking style. I felt as if I was in front of an Egyptian magician of ancient time who was going to raise the mummies. ''What magics can you do? Will you please list them out?'' I asked him. I knew through my translator friend that he had succeeded over a numerous miracles which are so unbelievable. I found whole locality had trust on him. Some of his miracles are:
*  He can find out the lost goods and money of people.
*  He can find out the thieves.
*  He can make a mute speak.
*  He can see what spirits are doing.
*  He can cure some kinds of diseases.

I decided to test his magic. Obviously, I wanted to know see spirits. Is there really life after death? Perhaps, it was a great chance to gather some clues about it. My friend somehow persuaded him to show the miracle in front of me.

As he could show it only to a child under 10 years old, he brought a small boy from his neighborhood. After putting some black ink on a thumb which he had somehow made himself, he instructed to the child to concentrate his eyes and mind on it. After sometimes, the child claimed that he was watching my dead grandfather. I asked about his looks. I could not believe my eyes and ears, the child described exactly how my grandfather looked like.

Though I had already heard about this magic, it opened a chapter to research for me. Really, there are many phenomenons in the world which are over shadowed by the modern science. But no one cares these stuffs are also a branch of science. In the past decade, some superstitious beliefs have been proven to be scientific which have compelled us to rethink over the so called superstitions.
Discovered by Don Prince