How many times have you compared yourself with filmy celebrities in term of age? You might have also become surprised after visiting a 45 years old person who looks like 26 years old only. Then you also wish to look young forever. Right? If it is so, you have arrived in the right place.

All of you know that climate is one of the factors that affects the physical looks of a person. For example, the person living in a hot climate looks older than the person living in a cold place. There are many such factors which you can read in internet. But I am writing completely different thing in this article which is backed by only psychology.

According to scientists, our physical state is affected by our mental state. It is said that even mind should die before our physical body dies. Accordingly, our mind becomes old first. Then only our body looks old and matured. This is the reason married people look older. Similarly teachers, lecturers and high officials look matured. But the filmy celebrities and unmarried people are young despite of their old age. So, if you also want to look young forever, think you are young forever.
Discovered by Sangam Sangroula via Don Prince