Yesterday one of my friends asked me a question, ''Can a Person be Superhuman?'' He wanted to know if anyone can be a superhuman or not. This is really a simple question. But I wonder I have not asked this question to myself whereas my book 'Secret of Super Powers' has almost finished to be written. First of all I want to thank my friend for raising me with this simple but very important question.

Question once again, can anyone be a superhuman by practicing superhuman skills? The answer is a big NO. Forgive me for my bitter words everyone can't be a superhuman. Just imagine that anyone can develop super powers. Many people learn it. Among them some are really so ill minded people. Some are selfish people. Some are abnormal and some are over ambitious. How will be the condition of this world then? But sorry my dear, it never happens. Because everyone can't be superhuman.

You will find three types of people on the earth. You meet them in every turning of your life. First one is electron who is born with evil mind. Second is neutron who depends on condition and situation to be good or bad. And the third one is proton who is light hearted by birth. And if you are in third category, here is a good news for you. You can be a superhuman. You can be a super hero. You can definately be a super man.

So 'Secret of Super Powers' is coming soon. Don't expect that you will be doing miracles on the earth by reading this book. This is only a book on Psychology. You should be super human or psychic by birth. If so, you can really promote your skills with the study of this book.
Discovered by Don Prince