Sweating from the idol of Bhimeshore is still going on in Dolakha Bhimeshore temple in Nepal. The temple area has been overcrowed with the devotees. President, Prime Minister and the Previous King of Nepal have sent special offering with some cash to the temple which is a tradition from years. It is believed that if the sweat is coming from the left side, there will be positive change in the country. If it is coming from the right side, there will be sad event in the country. Accroding to the record of past, it is troubling specially the head of the state.

I had talked with some local people there. According to them, the following events had taken place in the past after sweating of Bhimeshore:
1. Tremendous earthquake took place in 1990 BS.
2. Democracy was established in 2007 BS.
3. Royal Massacre took place in 2058 BS.
4. Democracy was restored in 2063 BS.

Last month, the newly formed government became complete by forming a multi party cabinet. It happened in the same day of sweating event of Bhimeshore. All the people in Dolakha beleive that it is a prank of divine power. There is custom of visiting the temple specially in the time of sweating to fulfill the wishes.

Dolakha Bhimeshore is one of the most prominent and famous temples of Nepal. It is visited by several national and international religious tourists everyday. It is compared with the Manakamana Temple of Gorkha district of Nepal.
Discovered by Don Prince