I don't remember his name. But I still remember he was a famous Yogi. He was staying in a professor's house for some days and he was from India. I had gone to visit the professor. He suggested me to meet with the Yogi.

After talking a while, the Yogi gave me a mantra, i.e., ''Om Tat''. Following his instruction, I recited the mantra while breathing in and breathing out. The Yogi also made me walk through a hypnosis experience where I closed my eyes and imagined a light.

According to the Yogi and the professor, this mantra should be recited silently all the time while berating in and out. The mantra should be recited 3 times consciously in a day. Then it should be lead by subconscious mind as we don't feel our heart beats.

According to the belief, this mantra has the following miracles:
1. Safe from bad accidents.
2. Heading towards success.
3. Victory over enemies
4. Economic prosperity
5. Sound health

This article does not support the existence of tantra, mantra or any spiritual magic. Neither does it guarantee the mantra mentioned above. It has been mentioned here only as a part of research to help other spiritual scientists.
Discovered by Sujan Kshetry