Why do you feel peace in temples? Why does a drunkard get courage? Why do you love someone uncontrollably? Why can't you stop missing someone very much? How does a man become happy? If you want to know the scientific answers of these questions, read this article right now.

There are some biochemicals in our brain. These chemicals have different functions. You have to know about 5 chemicals to get the answers of those 5 questions. They are as below:

1. Serotonin: This chemical functions to make us feel peace and relaxation. When you are in temples area this chemicals will be active in your brain. So you feel peace there.

2. Oxycontin: This is love chemical. When this chemical becomes active, you will feel love towards someone. In the beginning days of marriage, new couples are very attractive towards each other. When time passes, this chemical starts fading . Consequently, they will be less attractive.

3. Endorphins: It is for happiness. When you get something, this chemical becomes active in your mind. Then you will be happy. If you tell a joke to a man who is crying, he may laugh. Because your jokes will activate this chemical inside his brain.

4. Acetyl choline: This is the chemical which controls memory. When it is active you will miss someone. For example, you have got gift by someone. Whenever you see that gift, this chemical will be active and you will miss him/her.

5. Testosterone: It provides courage. When a man is drunk, this chemical becomes active in his brain. So he becomes brave. Similarly if a man gets support by some other powerful people, he will have courage.

So, if you want to get courage, you have to somehow activate your testosterone. If you want love from someone, you have to activate his/her Oxycontin. Similarly by activating serotonin, you can make your body active in case you are tired of something.
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{Based on an interview with doctor Shirish Bastola}
Discovered by Don Prince