Sound health is the most precious property for every man. All of us know the value of health in our life. However we don't know many health facts which have direct effect on our life. In this article I have mentioned 10 very interesting health facts.

1. Maximum use of cigarette can cause blindness.
2. The age of the man who uses left hand is less by 9 years than the man who uses right hand.
3. The height of everyone is 1 cm more in the morning than in the evening.
4. All children are born with blue eyes.
5. Balanced diet is one of the factor that keeps a man young forever.
6. Human skull is made up of 22 bones though it seems to be made by only one.
7. A cup of tea has about 100 chemicals. Among them 26 chemicals have been tested in which more than half chemicals have caused cancer in mouse.
8. One of our eyes is strong whereas another is weak.
9. Every pregnant woman sees frog and earthworm in dream up to 3 months of her pregnancy.
10. Serotonin is a type of neurotransmitter in the human brain which controls the criminal thought and activities of the people.

Do you know more interesting health facts? If you do, write for us and let all the world be amazed of your information. Wishing you a good health.
{Source: Sadhana Magazine}
Discovered by Don Prince