Masto The Lost God

''Excuse me! can we exchange our seat?'' A teenager was requesting me. ''Sure'' I smiled, ''Where are you going?'' ''Ramechhap'' Then our conversation began.

Our bus was heading towards Ramechhap district which lies in the hilly region of Janakpur zone of Central Development in Nepal. My destination was on the way. Both the teenager and I lived in Kathmandu. He was going to visit his grandfather and grandmother in the village. ''What do you do?'' He asked me. ''I specially do research for my own company National Discovery Channel.'' ''Oh! once I had ended with it while I was googling Masto God'' ''Why?'' Why are you interested on Masto God?'' ''Because my grandfather also practices Masto Tradition'' '' That means your grandfather is a Masto God?'' ''Yes, you are right'' ''And he lives in Ramechhap?'' ''Yes, he does.'' ''Nice to meet you.''

Till now Masto Tradition was believed to be practiced in Karnali, Seti and Mahakali zone of Mid Western and Far Western Development Region of Nepal. But this teenager gave me the new information that Masto Tradition is also practiced in other parts of Nepal. I guess Masto God is existing in India and China too.

If you don't know what the Masto God is, let me tell you. Masto Tradition is a type of tradition which is particularly practiced by Khas caste of Nepal. Masto God is a witchdoctor who calls God's spirit within his body. Then he proves it by performing several miracles like dipping  hands into boiling oil, breaking iron chain, forecasting future etc. There is no any specific idol of Masto God.

''Do you believe on Masto God?'' I asked this question. He said, ''How don't I believe? My own grandfather is a Masto God.'' While conversing with the son of God, I noticed he was from a common Kshetry community not from the typical Khas group. This is evidence that Masto Tradition is not limited with Khas people.

I wanted to make the Masto God live in National Discovery Channel. But the teenager suggested that the performance of the Masto God is better in Deepawali time. Because Masto Tradition is specially practiced greatly in Deepawali. So we exchanged our mobile number. I said, '' We'll definitely meet in Deepawali season to make documentary on Masto God.''

Khas caste and the Masto Tradition provide a big background to research. Sociologists say that Masto Tradition is vanishing day by day due to modern influence. They say that focus should be given to conserve this tradition as a part of cultural heritage of the country.
Discovered by Don Prince

Unification Campaign of Prithvi Narayan

After the restoration of Democracy in Nepal the wave of hatred towards King and Kingship flowed uncontrollably. Criticizing became common. Cabinet discussed on several issues regarding the kingship. Idols of many ex kings were destroyed by the people in public places. The chapters about kings were removed from the curriculum. Government decided to remove the chapter of a late king. But public openly protested it. Who was the king liked by public even in such grimy situation? He is not other than the great sovereign Prithvi Narayan Shah.

Prithvi Narayan Shah is called Bismarck of Nepal. Because he unified Nepal. Before unification, Nepal was fragmented into more than 52 states. Prithvi Narayan launched his mission for unification which was succeeded by other kings with the help of several courageous Nepalese warriors. People in Nepal either communists or congress, royalists or democrats all respect him because it due to his contribution Nepalese are proud to say Nepalese today.

Prithvi Narayan Shah was born to unify Nepal. He had only one mission, only one dream and only one duty, i.e., Nepal. Even death could not defeat him before success of his target. He dedicated his personal life for Nepalese people. System comes and goes, but Nepalese people never forget him. Because he was not only  a king of a kingdom, he was a real leader of Nepal.

The appreciation of Prithvi Narayan Shah above is not untrue. Anyone can read the history of Nepal. And they should also read the 'Divine Instruction' of Prithvi Narayan Shah. These are the enough evidences to prove Prithvi Narayan Shah as a patriot leader.
Discovered by Don Prince

Can a Person be Superhuman?

Yesterday one of my friends asked me a question, ''Can a Person be Superhuman?'' He wanted to know if anyone can be a superhuman or not. This is really a simple question. But I wonder I have not asked this question to myself whereas my book 'Secret of Super Powers' has almost finished to be written. First of all I want to thank my friend for raising me with this simple but very important question.

Question once again, can anyone be a superhuman by practicing superhuman skills? The answer is a big NO. Forgive me for my bitter words everyone can't be a superhuman. Just imagine that anyone can develop super powers. Many people learn it. Among them some are really so ill minded people. Some are selfish people. Some are abnormal and some are over ambitious. How will be the condition of this world then? But sorry my dear, it never happens. Because everyone can't be superhuman.

You will find three types of people on the earth. You meet them in every turning of your life. First one is electron who is born with evil mind. Second is neutron who depends on condition and situation to be good or bad. And the third one is proton who is light hearted by birth. And if you are in third category, here is a good news for you. You can be a superhuman. You can be a super hero. You can definately be a super man.

So 'Secret of Super Powers' is coming soon. Don't expect that you will be doing miracles on the earth by reading this book. This is only a book on Psychology. You should be super human or psychic by birth. If so, you can really promote your skills with the study of this book.
Discovered by Don Prince

Why Does Lord Krishna Have So Many Names?

All Gods and Goddesses have multiple names in Hinduism. Lord Vishnu is specially known as Narayana and Shree Hari. Lord Shiva also has different names like Mahadeva, Shankar, Bholenath, etc. Likewise, the angel of love Lord Krishna also has got many names. Do you know why he has so many names? The answer is simple. He is known with different names which have special meaning. Let's see some examples.

@ Krishna is called KRISHNA because he is black in color.
@ He is called MURARE because he killed a demon namely Mura.
@ He is called VASHUDEVA because he is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu {Vashudeva}.
@ He is also called GIRIDHAR because he lifted the Gobardhan Parbat to save people.
@ He is called MURALIDHAR because he plays the musical instrument named flute {Murali}.
@ He is also called DAMODAR because he was bound by a rope by her mother when he was a child.

Lord Krishna has so many names. I have listed only those names which are very common and are often used to call him. See the most famous hymn on Lord Krishna.
Shree Krsihna Govinda Hare Murare
Hey Naath Narayana Vashudeva
Ananda Baikunda Mukunda Krishna
Govinda Damodar Madhava veti

I think there is no Hindu in the world who can't sing this hymn. See the underlined words. These all words are different names of Lord Krishna. Now you can imagine how many different names Lord Krishna may have.
Discovered by Don Prince

World Famous Foolish Scientists

SLC examination 2070 has begun in Nepal. Every year several students commit suicide in Nepal after facing failure in this examination. I have written this short post to encourage all the SLC students of Nepal not to loose heart in case of failure.

The world got many famous scientists in the past. Most of them were genius from the beginning stage of their life. However there are some scientists who were said to be very foolish by their relatives, teachers and other people. Some of them moved the world later by their mind blowing inventions. They are as below:

1. Elbert Einstein: Elbert Einstein is specially known for his general theory of relativity on which atom bomb was invented. He is the father of science. But he was not intelligent student in his life. His teacher used to humiliate him by saying foolish and dull student.

2. Thomas Elba Edison: He is specially known for the invention of electric bulb. After some months of his school life he had been restigated from school as he required proof whatever his teachers taught him. Then he never went to school. However he invented more than 1000 inventions.

3. Michael Faraday: Michael Faraday is the inventor of electricity. He could not go to school due to his poverty. He was the boy who used to live by selling newspapers. Later he became a world famous scientist.

Education is no doubt  important. But it is not heart of life. It is only part of life. So don't depress if you fail. There are many options waiting for you. Best of luck for success.
Discovered by Don Prince

Power of Mind Backed by Real Desire

About 10 years back, I was staying in a typical community. One day, I was lying on my bed. I was feeling so exhausted. The door was open. I was feeling so lazy to get up from the bed to close the door. But I had to close it anyway. I did an strange activity. I stared at the door. After a while the door slowly closed itself. Next day I tried to do it again for test but I could not do it again.

6 months back, I was alone in my room. It was 11 o'clock night. Some people in the next to my room were still making a noise. Drinking and playing cards were going on there. I was too disturbed by them. Then I opened the curtain of my window and lied on my bed. Now the electric bulb of that room was straight to me. I continuously stared at the bulb. After a while its light went down. I continued this activity. At last the bulb switched off itself. Next day I tested it again, but I did not succeed.

2 months back, I was feeling bored in my room. I had a mobile on my hand. I was waiting for a call by one of my friends. But in reality, I did not want to talk with him on that moment. I watched my mobile again. I planed to play a game with it. I was not going to play any mobile game. I stared at its networking signal. The signal bars began to reduce. After 5 minutes my mobile had no network. Then I went for tea in a tea shop. I found all people facing networking problem on their mobile. Another day, I wanted to do it again for test but I could not do it.

You can find a similar point in those three events above, i.e., I was unable to do any miracle if I was doing it without real desire. So, in conclusion we can say that mind is powerful if there is real desire. Because if there is no real desire, it decreases the faith on the ability. And the mind power is necessarily backed by faith.
{The three events mentioned above are not real. They are only for illustration purpose.}
Discovered by Don Prince

5 Interesting Brain Facts

Why do you feel peace in temples? Why does a drunkard get courage? Why do you love someone uncontrollably? Why can't you stop missing someone very much? How does a man become happy? If you want to know the scientific answers of these questions, read this article right now.

There are some biochemicals in our brain. These chemicals have different functions. You have to know about 5 chemicals to get the answers of those 5 questions. They are as below:

1. Serotonin: This chemical functions to make us feel peace and relaxation. When you are in temples area this chemicals will be active in your brain. So you feel peace there.

2. Oxycontin: This is love chemical. When this chemical becomes active, you will feel love towards someone. In the beginning days of marriage, new couples are very attractive towards each other. When time passes, this chemical starts fading . Consequently, they will be less attractive.

3. Endorphins: It is for happiness. When you get something, this chemical becomes active in your mind. Then you will be happy. If you tell a joke to a man who is crying, he may laugh. Because your jokes will activate this chemical inside his brain.

4. Acetyl choline: This is the chemical which controls memory. When it is active you will miss someone. For example, you have got gift by someone. Whenever you see that gift, this chemical will be active and you will miss him/her.

5. Testosterone: It provides courage. When a man is drunk, this chemical becomes active in his brain. So he becomes brave. Similarly if a man gets support by some other powerful people, he will have courage.

So, if you want to get courage, you have to somehow activate your testosterone. If you want love from someone, you have to activate his/her Oxycontin. Similarly by activating serotonin, you can make your body active in case you are tired of something.
Best of Luck
{Based on an interview with doctor Shirish Bastola}
Discovered by Don Prince

Truth Never Lies

12 travelers were traveling on a ship. They reached in the middle of sea. They lost their direction. They struggled several days to reach a land but they failed. They were very depressed. Their food also finished. Now they wandered with empty stomach for several days. But one day they could not sustain their hunger. Finally they decided to kill the boy who was a worker in the ship. Everybody approved it. They killed the boy and erased their hunger. The boy who was killed was Rechard Parker.

This story had been written by the world famous writer Edgar Allen. And his story became a true event after many years. The only difference was there were 12 travelers in his story but there were only 4 in the real event. The most amazing thing is that the name of the boy who was killed in the real event was also Rechard Parker.

Yes, this is real. 4 travelers had lost their ways in a sea. They had struggled for several days without eating food. At last when their hunger crossed limitation, they ate the boy who used to work in the ship. And his name was Rechard Parker.

When we think, our thinking stores as a wave in the atmosphere. This wave becomes mould and later it becomes reality. A world famous philosopher Jan pal says, ''I think word is more real than object.'' Same happened in the story of Allen. His imagination made a wave and stored in a cyber space. Later it became reality.
{Source: Jiwan Rahasya}
Discovered by Don Prince

10 Super Powers that Anyone Can Develop

I beleive that God Power is backed by his science. So God is the greatest scientist of the world. If we research on science, we can develop super powers. And I think Psychology is the right path to walk in this journey. In this article I have mentioned 10 super powers which are backed by Psychology that anyone can develop by unleashing their hidden power.

1. Telekinesis: Telekinesis is the art of moving the objects with power of mind. If one develops this art, he/she can move any object including house, vehicles, bridges, etc just watching on them.

2. Hypnosis: With the art of hypnotizing you can cure miner and major diseases without having any medicines.

3. Precognition: Precognition is the feeling of future's danger before they happen. You can be aware of future's events if you develop this super power.

4. Power of Faith: Having complete belief on anything is power of faith. By developing faith on anything you can fulfill your wishes.

5. Power of Visualization: This is the process of visualizing the future. You can visualize your bright future by developing this quality which will come true.

6. Telepathy: Telepathy is the art of communicating from mind to mind without having verbal and physical presence. If you can develop it you can send and receive messages with your friends without having any means of communication.

7. Dream Interpretation: By interpreting your dream, you can know the secrets of your and others life.

8. Atmokinesis: Atmokinesis is the power to control the nature. If you develop it, you can control rain, earthquake, flood, etc.

9. Body Language: If you understand the body language of people, you can know what people are thinking.

10. Mind Control: With this ability you can make other think and do as per your wishes.

These super powers are not easy to develop. It need deep dedication and hard labor. If you determine to do it, nothing can stop you to reach your destination.
Discovered by Don Prince

Bhimeshore Idol is still Sweating

Sweating from the idol of Bhimeshore is still going on in Dolakha Bhimeshore temple in Nepal. The temple area has been overcrowed with the devotees. President, Prime Minister and the Previous King of Nepal have sent special offering with some cash to the temple which is a tradition from years. It is believed that if the sweat is coming from the left side, there will be positive change in the country. If it is coming from the right side, there will be sad event in the country. Accroding to the record of past, it is troubling specially the head of the state.

I had talked with some local people there. According to them, the following events had taken place in the past after sweating of Bhimeshore:
1. Tremendous earthquake took place in 1990 BS.
2. Democracy was established in 2007 BS.
3. Royal Massacre took place in 2058 BS.
4. Democracy was restored in 2063 BS.

Last month, the newly formed government became complete by forming a multi party cabinet. It happened in the same day of sweating event of Bhimeshore. All the people in Dolakha beleive that it is a prank of divine power. There is custom of visiting the temple specially in the time of sweating to fulfill the wishes.

Dolakha Bhimeshore is one of the most prominent and famous temples of Nepal. It is visited by several national and international religious tourists everyday. It is compared with the Manakamana Temple of Gorkha district of Nepal.
Discovered by Don Prince

10 Interesting Health Facts

Sound health is the most precious property for every man. All of us know the value of health in our life. However we don't know many health facts which have direct effect on our life. In this article I have mentioned 10 very interesting health facts.

1. Maximum use of cigarette can cause blindness.
2. The age of the man who uses left hand is less by 9 years than the man who uses right hand.
3. The height of everyone is 1 cm more in the morning than in the evening.
4. All children are born with blue eyes.
5. Balanced diet is one of the factor that keeps a man young forever.
6. Human skull is made up of 22 bones though it seems to be made by only one.
7. A cup of tea has about 100 chemicals. Among them 26 chemicals have been tested in which more than half chemicals have caused cancer in mouse.
8. One of our eyes is strong whereas another is weak.
9. Every pregnant woman sees frog and earthworm in dream up to 3 months of her pregnancy.
10. Serotonin is a type of neurotransmitter in the human brain which controls the criminal thought and activities of the people.

Do you know more interesting health facts? If you do, write for us and let all the world be amazed of your information. Wishing you a good health.
{Source: Sadhana Magazine}
Discovered by Don Prince

The Mysterious Superhumans

Everyone has a secret in life. But someone's life is full of secrets. Perhaps, God also wants to salute them because everyone always knows nothing about them. I think the time has arrived to say something to the world.

7th June 1999, Janakpur, Nepal
Mr. Samir Subedi was humiliated badly by his boss in a factory. He told that his boss had exploited so many  others workers in the factory. He had become blind of his progress. Mr. Samir Subedi had to resign from the job. He said, ''Everything has limitation. But his ego had no limitation.'' Binay said, ''Don't worry. After some months you will tell me a bad news about your boss.'' After two months, he phoned Binay and said, ''It happened what you said. My boss has got a huge loss in business.''

13the January 2014, Dolakha, Nepal
Sital was a student of Grade X in a school. She was sexually misbehaved by a teacher in her school. Her father Salikram Basnet knew it. But he was unable to take any action as the young teacher was a notorious hooligan in the locality. He used to walk with his group. Sajan said to Salikram Basnet, ''Beat the man in the market in front of his gang. Leave everything with me. No one will counterattack.'' He convinced him. The next day Salikram beat the teacher. He looked so much angry and brave. No one dared to counterattack. His group even could not understand when he came, beat their friend and went from there.

12th July 1997, Chitwan, Nepal
Rakesh Pradhan used to give torture to his wife. The investigation showed that it was a woman violence case. His wife's brother wanted to file the case against him. But some people tried to save Rakesh. His brother was helpless. Akash said him, ''Don't worry. Rakesh will unknowingly change his statements and accept the offense.'' The next day in the morning, Rakesh accepted his offense without any debate.

14th March 2001, Kanchanpur, Nepal
Sanjeev was a 16 years old boy. His father was a bus driver. One day his father mistakenly did miner mistake while driving. One man beat him badly. His father did not know the man. Sanjeev said, ''My 60 years old father never harassed anyone in life. However why are people doing like this with him?'' Sanjeev was unable to find the man. Ganesh said, ''Don't worry. I will do something.'' He wrote this real event in his story where the man who beat Sanjeev's father was injured in an accident.'' After some months Ganesh came to know by Sanjeev that the man who beat his Sanjeev's father was mistakenly hit by the vehicle of his father's friend in the market. He did not die but he got injured.

13th September 1998, Sunsari, Nepal
A government official sexually exploited local girls in the name of providing government jobs. Sanumaya's daughter also became victim. Suresh found that the official was politically powerful. No people had gone against him. Sanumaya showed him the house of the official. In the next day Suresh was passing from the house. The gate was closed. He just stared at the gate and the front door of the house. The next day, a bad event took place in the house. Some aggressive people of the locality protested the illegal and immoral acts of that official. They cracked that gate and broke the front door and entered the house and then beat the official. Police hardly saved him.

23rd August 2013, Kathmandu, Nepal
A local group troubled many girls by bluff calls. Sudin was having tea in a hotel. The group came on bikes. They teased a girl there.  They were going somewhere. When they were plying their bikes, Suren stared on one of their bikes. After a few seconds the bike was uncontrollably dragged itself aside and it hit  another bike. They began to quarrel with each other. Suddenly police came and beat all of them randomly and arrested them.

7th April 2002, Parsa, Nepal
A local gang terrorized the locality severely. They had threatened whole society and created a fearful environment. One day  Raju was in the bank of a river of Bara district. He was with her friends. The gang came and began to enjoy swimming in the river. Raju stared far and far straight the river. His friend noticed something and said, ''Oh my God! Look there. It is raining heavily there.'' Suddenly a flood came. The gang began to struggle with the flood and they hardly escaped.

The above mentioned 7 personalities {Binay, Sajan, Akash, Ganesh, Suresh, Sudin and Raju} are not common people. They are superhumans. They are not limited in 7. They are thousands all over the world.

The photos displayed in this article are only for decoration purpose. The name, place and date have been modified. This article is slightly dramatized to give entertaining experience to the readers.
Discovered by Don Prince

Proton Never Dies

This story is the result of the imagination. It is not related to the life of any person in the world. Neither does it represent any real event in the past. However, it is a science story. So it is scientific. It is slightly influenced by the general theory of relativity of  Albert Einstein. The moral of this story is proton never dies. Enjoy the story.

Samrat is the king of electrons. When protons chased electrons from the earth, they settled in a secret planet. Being safe from the protons, Samrat and his warriors disguised themselves into neutrons and lived back on the earth with the mission to finish the existence of protons.

Protons also launched their mission to destroy the electrons forever. Protons were more powerful than electrons. However they were weaker in this war because they had to save neutrons while attacking electrons but electrons did not care about neutrons in war. Because if protons are enemies for them, neutrons are also not friends for them. Moreover, their final mission was to make electron full earth by finishing both neutrons and protons.

Electrons kidnapped some of neutrons so that they could catch protons when they come to save neutrons. Raja, the king of Protons made a mission to save kidnapped neutrons. Raja and his warriors attacked electrons on the earth. Raja having quality to burn fire through eyes finished many electrons. When Raja became heavy to the electrons they warned that if Raja did not surrender, they would kill all the kidnapped neutrons. So Raja had to surrender.

Electrons wanted to finish Raja. They firstly shot bullets on both eyes of Raja so that he can't burn them with his eyes. However, Raja burned some of them with burning fire without eyes. Electron concluded that power must have come from the mind. They cut Raja into pieces and took out his mind.. But some electric waves coming out from the mind of Raja killed many of them again. Finally Samrat burned the mind of Raja and the war turned a wrong turn.

All protons attacked electrons. But they were proven weak without their king. At last, Samrat was about to kill the neutrons, a dead electron woke up and killed all electrons including Samrat. It was an unexpected climax of this war. All became confused. Later neutrons and protons knew that it was Raja's mind which entered the dead body of electron and killed all electrons. Now the king of protons was alive again.
Discovered by Don Prince

The Amazing Rebirth Case

Raju is a 9 years old child. He always sees a dream in which someone kills a young man. His parents Rajesh Sharma and Shila Sharma knew it. They become anxious. They consulted in a hospital. Even doctor could not solve this case. They went to police for the help but they got no any fruitful result. Finally they decided to reach the place which Raju sees in his dream.

Surprisingly, Raju knew the ways to the destination which he had never travelled at least in this birth. After a long travel, Raju and his parents reached to the destination. Now Raju remembered everything. He recognized the young man who was killed in his dream. It was himelf. He met his parents, relatives and friends of previous birth. When Raju told each and everything correctly, all believed that he had taken a second birth..

The news spread throughout the locality in a few days. The murderers also knew it. They tried to kill Raju again. But they were arrested red hand by the police with the help of villagers. They accepted that they had killed Ramesh {name of Raju in previous birth} 9 years ago.

India is the land of several such amazing events. The rebirth case is common in this country. Some scientists believe that this is not the rebirth but a type of personality disorder and they are researching on it. But another school believe on it. More surprisingly, they tell that 60% people change their gender in next birth.
{Based on Sawadhan India, Life Ok Channel}
Discovered by Don Prince

What are Money Trees?

There is a famous saying 'Money does not grow on Trees.' But this proverb has been proven to be wrong in a state of India. Now we have to say 'Money grows on trees.' It happened there.

Do you believe the above statements? Don't hurry to decide. First, read the full story. You believed or not, some people in India believed it. Kamlesh Thakur {name changed} is one of them.

Kamlesh Thakur was from a middle class family. He had some economic problems in those days. He somehow came in the contact of Rakesh Barma {name changed}. Rakesh convinced Kamlesh to pay some money to take him to the  money giving trees.

According to the plan, Rakesh took Kamlesh very far from the city. In a lonely place, there was a hermit sitting under a tree. When Rakesh and Kamlesh reached there, he understood the case and started his tantra mantra to make rainfall of money from the tree. Kamlesh could not believe his eyes. The tree threw money through its branches. He didn't notice Rakesh was behind the tree dragging a rope to make artificial rainfall of money as planned previously.

According to the plan, the hermit made Kamlesh close his eyes in a pretext of completing his tantra mantra. When Kamlesh closed his eyes, the hermit took out a sword and became ready to cut the head of Kamlesh. But in the right time, the police fired in the air and arrested Rakesh Barma and the hermit.

Actually Kamlesh and the police team had already planned to arrest them by this drama. Rakesh and the hermit had already killed so many foolish people in the name of money trees. Kamlesh's brother and his family also had been killed by them. So Kamlesh helped police to arrest them.

Many people become victim of such criminals due to superstition. They blindly believe on such ridiculous magic. They don't even use their common sense before trusting such stuffs and lose their life and property. So I appeal all of you to fight against such superstition in the society.
{Based on Sawadhan India of Life OK Channel}
Discovered by Don Prince

How to See Spirits?

When my translator friend introduced me with him, he gave an strange smile and said, ''Hello, Mr. Don, you are welcome.'' I moved my head in answer. I found him very mysterious. I still remember his house, his room and his talking style. I felt as if I was in front of an Egyptian magician of ancient time who was going to raise the mummies. ''What magics can you do? Will you please list them out?'' I asked him. I knew through my translator friend that he had succeeded over a numerous miracles which are so unbelievable. I found whole locality had trust on him. Some of his miracles are:
*  He can find out the lost goods and money of people.
*  He can find out the thieves.
*  He can make a mute speak.
*  He can see what spirits are doing.
*  He can cure some kinds of diseases.

I decided to test his magic. Obviously, I wanted to know see spirits. Is there really life after death? Perhaps, it was a great chance to gather some clues about it. My friend somehow persuaded him to show the miracle in front of me.

As he could show it only to a child under 10 years old, he brought a small boy from his neighborhood. After putting some black ink on a thumb which he had somehow made himself, he instructed to the child to concentrate his eyes and mind on it. After sometimes, the child claimed that he was watching my dead grandfather. I asked about his looks. I could not believe my eyes and ears, the child described exactly how my grandfather looked like.

Though I had already heard about this magic, it opened a chapter to research for me. Really, there are many phenomenons in the world which are over shadowed by the modern science. But no one cares these stuffs are also a branch of science. In the past decade, some superstitious beliefs have been proven to be scientific which have compelled us to rethink over the so called superstitions.
Discovered by Don Prince

Amazing Statue of Shiva Found in Dolakha

Dolakha district of Nepal had a miraculous event in this month. In small countryside called Ramkot all the people got amazed. The miraculous event was based on religion and culture. In that villagae there was a certain land where the people used to worship the God Nag. There was also a woman having cultural and divine power of God. She was known as Mata. She just told verbally that some special items would be obvisouly found in the same land of worshiping Nag if it was dug. Maximum people didn't take it seriously but with the consent of all villagers some people dug the land.

All the people were curiously viewing the digging. After a while there became a small ditch and a stone having the statue of God Shiva was found. It was absolutely miracle. All the people were astonysized and starled gossipping with each other. The statue of Nag was there at the centre of the stone. The shape of cresent moon was at the top and two hollow lied in the sides.

Apart from this, on the same day a buffalo gave birth of two calves at the same time. Likewise, a goat gave birth to a kid having six legs. It was peculiar to all. It was found that after finding the statue, some of the children got relief from their diseases. After going through these all events, we can easily analyze that the statue has diving power and there is presence of almighty God. The event was flourished all over the district. It is difficult to trust but it is true.

In my opinion, Dolakha district has divine power of God. As an evidence, last time there happened sweating from Dolakha Bhimsen statue. Likewise the statue of Shiva was found. It clarifies that Dolakha is auspicious, Isn't it? 
Discovered by Binod Basnet via Don Prince

A Powerful Mantra for Breathing Exercise

I don't remember his name. But I still remember he was a famous Yogi. He was staying in a professor's house for some days and he was from India. I had gone to visit the professor. He suggested me to meet with the Yogi.

After talking a while, the Yogi gave me a mantra, i.e., ''Om Tat''. Following his instruction, I recited the mantra while breathing in and breathing out. The Yogi also made me walk through a hypnosis experience where I closed my eyes and imagined a light.

According to the Yogi and the professor, this mantra should be recited silently all the time while berating in and out. The mantra should be recited 3 times consciously in a day. Then it should be lead by subconscious mind as we don't feel our heart beats.

According to the belief, this mantra has the following miracles:
1. Safe from bad accidents.
2. Heading towards success.
3. Victory over enemies
4. Economic prosperity
5. Sound health

This article does not support the existence of tantra, mantra or any spiritual magic. Neither does it guarantee the mantra mentioned above. It has been mentioned here only as a part of research to help other spiritual scientists.
Discovered by Sujan Kshetry

Is Immortality Possible or Impossible?

4th April 2013, at 11 am in India, a car entered 20 km jungle on a highway. There was a small family inside the car. They were going to visit a historical place. But they became a history themselves. They never returned again.

It was a mysterious jungle. No one returned from there The amazing thing is that only the vehicle having at least 1 female lost there. If only men passed, nothing happened. Police set CCTV camera also. But someone used to destroy it every time. After all, police found that a truck used to follow the cars of victims on that spot.

Finally police arrested some people with that truck. After the investigation they found that they used to attack the cars on the highway. They sold the cars making them small pieces. They also cut the passengers into pieces after kidnapping them.

Police surrounded the kidnapper's spot. A woman namely Natasha was struggling there to save her husband and daughter. A fight began between police and criminals. Ultimately police arrested the criminals and rescued Natasha and her family.

After going detail, police found that those criminals had run way from jail who had been accused of murders and robbery. They met a saint in that jungle. The saint told them that he could make them immortal and for that they had to sacrifice some people specially women to the God. So they killed innocents and spread rumor of mysterious truck in the jungle so that they can escape from police. And they were supported by some other people outside the jungle just for money.

In conclusion, they were doing it to succeed over mantras to be immortal which was based on the narration of a saint. And it was totally superstitious. It means superstitions killed all those innocents people.

This report is only one of the representatives of several deaths caused by tantra, mantra and yantra in India. Thousand of people are dying due to superstition in India. Not only in India, this types of practices are going on in some other Asian and African countries too.

The story in this report is quite true. However time, place and name have been slightly changed.
{Based on 'Sawadhan India' episode of Life OK Channel}
Discovered by Don Prince

Who Never Sleeps

It was the sunny day of summer. He was sleeping deeply. I went nearby and stood in front of his bed to ask  something. Before I say anything he woke up himself and asked the cause to come there.

The incidence is only sample. I had heard that he had such special quality that he is always alert even he is sleeping. He says with the conditional that his name and address won't be exposed, ''I also sleep as other normal people. But I am all the time aware of the surroundings while sleeping.''

He needs generally 7 hours sleep. Sometimes if it is disturbed at night, He needs to sleep only 30 second in day time. Then he becomes completely recharged.

As per my knowledge, it happened due to his alert subconscious mind. Because subconscious mind never sleeps. Anyone can develop such quality if he/she practice it.
Discovered by Bishal Banjara via Don Prince

Sun is God?

We can't imagine a life without sun. Our body without the contact of sun rays is powerless and useless. More than 80% of vitamins to our body is provided by sun. Sun has unlimited power which is still a subject to research.

Sun is regarded as God in Hinduism and I think it is scientifically true. Sun burns itself and gives light to others. It is also the creator of earth. So we say God as our creator.

Sun gives energy to all living beings. We must have energy in our human body. This energy is recharged by the sun rays everyday. Sun is believed to be the source of super power. Specially for those who deserve extraordinary powers in them.
Discovered by Bibek Banjara via Don Prince

Who Recites Mantra 24 Hours in a Day

How many times do you remember your God in a day? 3 times? 5 times? 100 times? or even 1000 times?Today I am going to present an strange person who recites mantra more than 100000 times in a single day.

He is Mr. Gokarna Bastola {name changed}, a resident of Charikot, Dolakha of Nepal. He is about 60 years old. He starts reciting mantra right after he wakes up in the morning. Amazingly, he continues his mantra till he sleeps at night. He only stops it when he has to talk with someone or take a rest for a while.

Mr. Gokarna is somehow holistic person. However, he often recites the mantra of Lord Shiva. So local people call him 'Om Namah Shivaya Baje' as he often recites 'Om Namah Shivaya' {the mantra of Lord Shiva}. Everyone in the locality knows him with this name. He also recites mantra of Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. Anyway he is one of the most amazing devotees of God.
Discovered by Bishal Gupta via Don Prince

What Does Your Dream Mean?

Sakar was a cashier in a private bank. One day he said, ''I had a dream yesterday where I resigned from my job.'' I said, ''It means either you want to quit your job or you have got a problem with your boss.'' He only smiled in answer. After a week, I heard that he left his job willingly because he did not want to stay far from his hometown.

Because some dreams represent the unfulfilled desires, they are shown like that. So one can smartly know the mental condition of anyone by analyzing his/her dream. Let's see another example.

One of my friends said that she had seen an strange dream at night. She was getting marriage with her classmate in her dream. She was afraid as marriage in dream generally represents decline in life span of the dreamer. But I was still calm and smiling. Because I had known the secret that she loved that lucky classmate.
Discovered by Parinav Jha via Don Prince

How to Look Young Forever?

How many times have you compared yourself with filmy celebrities in term of age? You might have also become surprised after visiting a 45 years old person who looks like 26 years old only. Then you also wish to look young forever. Right? If it is so, you have arrived in the right place.

All of you know that climate is one of the factors that affects the physical looks of a person. For example, the person living in a hot climate looks older than the person living in a cold place. There are many such factors which you can read in internet. But I am writing completely different thing in this article which is backed by only psychology.

According to scientists, our physical state is affected by our mental state. It is said that even mind should die before our physical body dies. Accordingly, our mind becomes old first. Then only our body looks old and matured. This is the reason married people look older. Similarly teachers, lecturers and high officials look matured. But the filmy celebrities and unmarried people are young despite of their old age. So, if you also want to look young forever, think you are young forever.
Discovered by Sangam Sangroula via Don Prince

People as Protons, Newtrons and Electrons

All of you know Batsman, Iron man, Super man and Spider man. Because they are the famous characters of Hollywood movies. But can you imagine such types of characters may be existed in our real life also? I know this is a great surprise to you if I tell you that there are 200 such super men in USA only.

According to Discovery Channel, the super men in USA are disguising themselves into unique personality by using typical types of costumes like those of Spider man and Super man. Some of them hold job in day time and walk on the road whole night in order to help the people. Some of them also help police to arrest criminals. Sometimes they are attacked by criminals which make them injured badly.

There can be a question in your mind. Are those good guys super humans? Also, do  they possess super power like super man and spider man? My answer is 'No, they don't.' However they have got a special strength in them which only a good guy can have. This unknown strength saves them from enemies. So they can easily get over anyone.

You may be thinking. The world is so amazing. Why not? In the one hand, selfishness has reached the apex, there are some amazing people in the other hand. These amazing people live of others regardless of pains they get in returns. Are they really humans? I want to ask this question to them.

You may not believe it. There are three types of people on the earth. I call them electron, neutron and proton. Some people are born with negative nature. They have got bad nature in their DNA. They are no doubt electrons. Similarly, some people are born with positive nature. They are always good. They are protons. But some people are neither good nor bad. They are neutral and they depend on situation. They are obviously neutrons.

I think those 200 real heroes of USA have brought goodness in their DNA. They fall in proton category. They are always good. Also, there are some other people in the world who give service to mankind. They are always positive.
Discovered by Don Prince

How the World will End in 2085 AD

Some months back National Discovery Channel first brought the 'End of the World 2085' clue through an official discovery. We had completely denied the 'End of the World 2012' issue which was proven in 2012 AD. We also did not support the rumor that the research on Higgs Boson will cause end of the world by automatic creation of a black hole.

All religions advocate that the life on the earth will end one day. Campaigns to defend the earth from ending are rapidly spreading in eastern as well as western countries. There are some people claiming to have come on the earth to save the people in the judgement day.

Discovery Channel shows in a documentary where some warriors are preparing for upcoming attack on the earth to cause an end. In the same documentary some world famous scientists say that the end of the world is near to us.

Some scientists time to time have predicted the dooms day. According to prof. Hawking, after the great event of Big Bang the extension of the universe is still going on. After a certain limitation, it will go back to the previous situation of Big Bang. Einstein appeals to the human beings, ''Forget everything except the humanity. Otherwise you will face a worldwide destruction.'' According to the General Theroy of Relativity of Einstein, the space and time were started from Big Bang and they will end in the black hole.

When Einstine was asked about the use of weapons in the third world war, he says, ''I can't say about the third world war but if there is fourth world war, stone weapons will be used.'' These statements directly forecast the end of the world in third world war.

The condition of environment is going worse due to over population and global warming. We know that 80% of fuels we use are non nonrenewable fuel which will end in 2076 AD. People are dying of disasters, famine, crime and terrorism. So it is unscientific to deny the truth that we are near to the destruction.

In our opinion entire world won't be ended. There will be third world war which will be the war of True and False, Sin and Just and Evils and Gods. True will win in this war. After that new era will begin on the earth. We also estimate that there are some powerful elements to kick start the vehicle of war and they are beyond the capacity of human beings. They will also try to destroy the nuclear power either peacefully or forcefully. They may play political games to commence the world. war.

This article does not claim the end of the world in 2085 AD. It is written only for reference.
Discovered by Don Prince, Mohan Timalsina and Regan Timalsina