A dog encouraged me to write this article. Actually a meat shop had been opened in front of the school where I was teaching. Besides the school there was a hotel where I went for launch and dinner. Our first encounter became strange. It was dark evening. When it saw me, without thinking a second, ran after me and tried to frighten me by barking loudly. Now we were face to face. In return I also tried to frighten it by shouting and making a water bottle as a weapon for it. Congratulation to me! I succeeded to escape.

It was only beginning. The dog was new to our locality. No one knew from where it came. However, everyone was saying it was all the time waiting bones at the shop. Waiting for me to attack was its daily schedule. I noticed it used to bark only at me even in the crowd. Day or night anytime it recognizes me. One day it came up to the gate of the house I was staying. When I was entering the house, people were talking about the dog that it was barking at the door. Actually I was not getting scared with the dog. Because it was a local dog and it used to only bark not bite. However I was disturbed by it as it always stopped my way. And the worse thing is that I had to walk this way several times for school, for institution, etc. One day I  mixed with a group of unknown girls. But I don't know how the dog knew it. It started to bark more loudly and came as if it was going to attack. One of the girls started to cry. I said,''Don't worry. It's barking at me.'' I requested to the master of the shop not to let the dog stay there. They were also surprised it was barking only at me. One day they tried to forced the dog to vacant the place but as the meat smell was there, it again came. The hotel master suggested me to throw stone at the dog. But I denied because I thought the dog was not attacking me. It was only barking. And we were not understanding what it was saying. I know dog may bark at criminals. But I am not a criminal. I have also heard from my childhood, dog barks at ghost. How can I be a ghost? Then why was it always barking at me? One of my genius friends said, ''May be you gave a negative impression in the beginning. So it is repeating.'' What a point! I really had reflected suspicion in the beginning. I remember when I saw it, my mentality and postures changed because I suspected it might attack me. Firstly it was being confused but suddenly it decided to attack. Here comes a question in our mind. It was a common dog, However why I thought it might attack me? The answer is very shocking. It's because this is not first time I am attacked by dogs and other animals. Its happening several times in my life. Now let's start the full story. Oh! I forgot to conclude this story. Later, the dog stopped barking at me. Because one evening I chased him very far and far till it became invisible to my eyes.

If you are not from Nepal and India, you may wonder animals are set free in the temples in Nepal and India. Then those animals will walk on the road freely. Sometimes they attack people in the street . Sometimes people are injured and even killed by them. One day I was encountered with a huge he goat which had been set free in the temple area. First time I was seeing such a big goat in my life. People say that it can break the big stone with just a hit by its head. I saw many people being aside on its way. But what a foolish and over confident I was! I was walking behind it. When I was close to it, it suddenly turned back and attacked me. At the moment I forgot everything and I caught its two horns. And at that time, I realized what is the difference between fighting with a man and with an animal. I think every fighter must have an experience of fighting with animals.. At that moment I felt I was kept inside a huge cage and there is a hungry leopard gazing at me. Some people gathered there. Now I took a breathe of relief but surprisingly saying, no one came to help me. All of them were audience. Some of them even didn't dare to cross the path nearby us. There were some kind but very cowards people too. They were suggesting me staying at the top side of the road. Some of them suggested me to catch the beard of the goat. I was not ready to leave the horns of the goat. But I can't stay there forever too. One time I made mind to lift the goat and throw in a big detach. But I did not want to start a fight. And I think now the goat was also willing to stop this drama. I slowly left it and stayed back. It also did not move. When I left it and came with people, it also walked left and right moving its head. It chased some of the people. I had become like a frog escaped from the mouth of a cobra. After some days I met it in the same place but it did not responses like anymore.

Once I had seen an American girl in Discovery Channel saying ''We must visit the world.'' Because she was seeing bulls walking with the people in the street of Nepal. But she perhaps does not know how cruelly those bulls kill the innocent people on the street. They are also set free in the street in the name of God and Goddess.

One day I was heading towards the Big Bell of a city riding on a bicycle. Some people were running towards  my direction. I didn't know why they were running away. Later I noticed a bull was chasing them. They were laughing. Some cycles and bikes were brought into floor by it. I had to stop there. The bull also stopped right in front of me and it became confused what to do then it returned back.

When I was about 16 years old, I had gone to my uncle's home in a village. There were some buffaloes in the shed. One of them was looking at me so angrily. When I was near to it, it enlarged its eyes and started to move its head to hit me. The second day also it did like this. As a teenager boy, I also kicked on its head. From that time forward I think it enlisted my name in its enemy list. So all the time whenever it saw me, it tried to be free to attack me.

When I was about 7 years old child. I was coming back my home from a relative's house. My little cousin was walking with me. Some cows, oxen and buffaloes were coming from our opposite direction. I noticed one ox was about to attack. ''Run.'' I shouted. My cousin and I ran away. It overtook my cousin and ran after me. I fell down on the floor and accidentally broke my hand myself. The ox did not touch me. I was hospitalized in the next day to plaster my hand.

One morning I was going to teach English language in an institute. It was 5 o'clock. I noticed a dog followed me on the way. When it did not stop to follow, I turned back and said, ''Stop''. It stopped there in the middle of the highway. After going farther, I turned back. It was still sitting and staring from the same place without moving an inch. What a obedient dog!

It was 10 am. Some school children were coming towards school. I met them on the way. They were blocked by a huge bull which was looking like an elephant. The bull was not stopping them. They were afraid and did not dare to cross the ways. I stood just in the middle of the road beside the bull, and the children passed by. I don't know what gave me this confidence.

Now at last, I am going to mention the most amazing attack. My mother often talks about it with neighborhood. When she was pregnant, she was walking on the road. A cow suddenly hit badly on her stomach. She was still alive. But what about the child inside her? As there was not technological instrument like today, the condition of the child inside her was unknown. Most of the local people talked that there was no chance of the child to be alive. But in the very next day of the attack, the child was born. It was not only alive but also healthy. And it was not other than me.

Animals are not enemies for me. Neither I am enemy for them. Animals are the symbol of the darkness to me. So I never get scared with the cruel animals. Because if they are symbol of darkness I am the symbol of brightness. And you know brightness shouldn't get scared of darkness. Because brightness is created by God to split darkness.
Discovered by Don Prince