5 Years ago a scientist said with Discovery Channel, ''People will be talking through their minds after 25 years.'' I don't know if scientists are working on it. But I am sure people in the past specially the Hindus in Hindustan used to communicate with telepathic art. Today I am discussing about the probability of telepathy, in another words mind communications in this article.

You may ask a question with me. Is Telepathy real? I want to give two simple events of telepathy. Consider it carefully.
1. You planned to go to the theater. You called your best friend on mobile to accompany. As soon as you invited, he said like this, ''I was also going to call you for theater. What a coincidence?'' Actually this is not coincidence. This is the unknown exchange of telepathic communication.
2. You were talking with two friends namely Rubi and Sanju. The talkative Rubi said, ''I fought with a tiger yesterday.'' Then you looked at Sanju and smilled. She also smilled. In this condition Rubi became red by looking both of you. Notice the telepathic expression among you three friends in this situation.

These two events are the beginning part of the telepathy. If we develop it, the price of mobile will go down. OK, let's not start a fun. Now I will present some scientific points {as  most of us are blind unscientifically with modern science} to advocate this topic. All of you know BBC Radio. Let me ask you a question. What does our Radio need to catch the program of  BBC? Its frequency, right? Yes, as we have to connect with the right frequency to connect the desired channels on Radio, one should catch the right frequency to receive the telepathic message sent by another. Here is the most essential conditional. Both communicators should be expert in telepathic communication.

You are forgetting a question. What carries telepathic conversation from mind to mind? Some scientists say that our thought {it is telepathic message if we are sending it to someone} moves from our mind to another mind or place in the form of waves which can't be seen by our naked eyes {I don't know if there is any device to catch this wave, do you know?}. I believe as our sound does not destroy, our thought also remains forever either in our mental atmosphere or in the physical atmosphere.

Have you ever imagined what extra ordinary things we can do if we explore telepathy? Let me entertain your mind with the imagination of telepathic success.
1. Our Astronomical research is still failed to communicate with the aliens of other planet {If there is claim to get detected the sound of aliens, this is not officially verified}. If we explore telepathic communication, we can explore another world without having physical presence on there.
2. The existence of God is still controversial {But I believe God by 400%}. We can communicate with God and ask with him, ''Mr. God, are you existed?'' So funny.
3. We can ask with our dead relatives, ''Have you got any problem? If you need anything, I will donate it to the priests.'' Just a joke.
4. Some scientists specially Stephen Hacking advocate the chance of time machine and time travel {I also believe on Time Machine and want to work on it in future}. We can verify it by talking with the people of future including ourselves, ''Hey, We are from your past.''

You may criticize Don Prince does research on fictions. Because this type of imaginations are beyond the limitation of the science. I want to remind you the story of Thomas Alva Edison {the inventor of electric light bulb}. He tried to invent electric light bulb. Many scientists told that he was doing a very foolish job. Because it is not possible as there lacks oxygen inside the bulb {cover a candle with a glass, and observe what happens}. The idea of those world famous scientists were no doubt scientific. However Thomas Alva Edison tried to do it even after he failed 999 times. In thousand's turn he did it. This invention changed the face of the world. So it is proven millions times in the history that nothing is impossible. Let's remember the quote of Napoleon. ''Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.''
Discovered by Don Prince