I want to start this journey with an amazing history. It happened in the time of the Second World War. Hitlar was the ruler in Germany. He hated Jews so much that he killed 6,000000 innocents. He had imprisoned so many of them. Victor Frankl was one of those victims. He was a psychologist. According to his description mentioned in his world famous book ''Man's Search for Meaning'' he escaped from the trap of Hitlar by using his psychic power. Do you wanna get it?

How did he do it?
While in jail, he continuously sent a message to his subconscious mind, ''I have been released from jail. I have written a book on psycholgoy. People are grateful by reading my book. I have power in my mind which even Hitlar can't overcome. So I won't die by Hitlar.'' He everyday sent this message to himself. Due to repetation, the message went into his subconsciou mind and it became truth. After that, he wrote his book, ''Man's Search for Meaning'' which made him a world famous psychologist.

The amazing thing is that Hitlar also had unknowingly used the same psychological method to get his wish fulfilled. When he had presented the Anti Jewish Laws in the parliament, it was not passed. But he repetedly presented it in the parliament. And his wish became true.

Austrian American actor, and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger also used the method of power of visualization to fulfill his dream. He visualzed so many times to be a world famous personality. He had complete faith on his imagination. As a result his imagination or dream stored in his subconscious mind and it came true.

Dr. Yogi Vikashananda says in his book Mind Power, ''Most of the famous people in the world became famous by using power of visualization.' According to him when a person is hurt, if he determines something at that time, it becomes true. Just for example Einstein was not a good student in his school life. His teacher said him, ''Albert, you can do nothing in future. Your future is very dark.'' Then Einstein determined to show to the world what he can do. Similarly Napoleon used to be hurt by his friends as he couldn't speak French properly and he was not the son of a rich father like them. Napoleon also determined at that moment, '' I will show all of them to be a very powerful person.'' Same happened with a Nepali poet Lekhnath Poudel also. He was in Archale of Pokhara. A poet was reciting his poem under a tree. Lekhnath also recited his poem. That poet hurt Lekhnath by saying, ''Your job is to graze the cows not to recite poem.'' Today we don't know who the poet was. But everyone in Nepal knows Lekhnath Poudel.

Our brain has two hemispheres, i.e., left and right. Left hemisphere is our conscious mind. It is responsible for our  intelligence and calculation. The right one is our subconscious mind. It responses our emotions. So if someone hurts us, we will be using our subconscious mind. In this situation, if we determine something, it will be sown deeply and the magic happens. It  happened with Einstine, Nepoleon and Lekhnath.

I want to relate a very interesting reference here. Dr. Maxwell Maltz, an American plastic surgeon found that 95% of the people's life changed after plastic surgery. But 5% people had no change in their life. He researched in 5% people and found that those 95% people used to feel they had got new life. They were happy and more successful. But 5% people got their face beautiful. But they did not change their mind. They used to think that they had succeeded to change their face only. Their life was same. So Dr. Maxwell Maltz suggests that we can bring change in our life if we change our thought about us. Dr. Yogi Vikashananda, the founder of Manokranit Movement also supports it and says, ''You should get up early in the morning and stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself. I am efficient, attractive, positive and powerful. I am a confident person. I am being successful day by day. You will have positive change in your life.''

I think you can also do it by visualizing yourself mentally, socially and physically sometimes in your life. If you can draw your picture of a perfect man inside your subconscious mind, your subconscious mind will make it true. If it is done through meditation, it is better.

Now I want to expose an amazing secret. If one can completely sketch his future in his subconscious mind, even death can't defeat him. He won't die till he reaches his future. For example, Gautam Buddha had come to this world with his missions. Someone tried to kill him. But he couldn't do anything with Buddha. Because Buddha was God and he had come to this world to spread the messages of peace. Another example is Lord Krishna was also tried to assassinate hundreds times by demons. But they could not . Because Lord Krishna was God and he had come to this earth with some missions. He had already sketched his future in his mind. Same happened with the founders of other religions too.

In this way you can understand that our life is not meaningless. Our life has meaning. And we don't die without knowing and doing that. I think man with strong dream is the most powerful man. Even death can't stop him, if he has got a strong determination for his life .
Discovered by Don Prince