Maria was sitting alone. Tom came and asked, ''Do you know which one is correct between 'Professional' and 'Proffessional'?'' But Maria also became confused. Another day, Maria asked with Tom, ''Which is the correct one between 'bycycle' and 'bicycle'?'' Tom could not answer.

Have you ever faced such situation in your life? If yes, did you get the right answer? If not, let me teach you how to get the correct answer in those situations. It is not a difficult job. But it needs lots of practice. In the beginning you may fail to find the right answer. But as you practice continuously, you will start to get positive answer.

If you need to select any one word between two, don't try to remember it consciously. You have to read it subconsciously. And you can do it by writing both words somewhere. After writing the words, read or see them, then ask yourself 'Which one is correct?'' Your initial answer is the right one.

Need evidence? Whatever we learn are stored in our subconscious mind. Actually you have not forgotten the word. You had selected the wrong root to get it. But as soon as you write it, your conscious mind will check it by matching the word in your subconscious mind. As a result you get the right answer. It is just like searching the word in a dictionary to be confirmed. Hope you understand it.
Discovered by Don Prince