I am learning Psychology from my childhood. However, my findings till now is not equal to the findings which I discovered in last year. Because I think I have broaden my mind tremendously in Psychology within a year. Specially, my knowledge on Computer Hacking helped me to find magics in Psychology. Because CPU can be assumed as a mind. And it is a proven fact that if we can program our computer, we can also program mind of people.  Besides, my mysterious book ''Secret of Super Powers: become a superhuman'' is also going to be released in this year. I have high expectation equal to ''The Brief History of Time'' by Stephen Hawking and ''The Interpretation of Dreams'' by Sigmund Freud with this book.  I know it is my over expectation and I am being over ambitious but I remember both Hawking and Freud were common people like you and me before they published those books.

Today I am writing about telepathic suggestion in this article. You find millions of articles and thousands of books on telepathic suggestion scattered randomly all over the internet. But I am giving new and extraordinary uses of telepathic suggestion. OK, no more suspense, read the title of this article once again, you will understand what I am talking about. Yes, you are right. I am advocating {first time by someone in the history of Psychology} that telepathic suggestion can be sent into the mind of other people to control their mind. Ultimately they will be doing what you will program on their mind. See the examples below:

Example 1
Adam was going to deliver a speech in a mass. He sent this telepathic suggestion into the mind of audience:
''Adam's speech is very effective. We must listen him carefully.'' When Adam started to speak, there was a pin dropped silence in the hall.

Example 2
Rose was scolded by her father. She sent this telepathic suggestion into the mind of her father:
''I am sorry Rose.'' Tomorrow her father did not say sorry. But Rose understood her father was begging her pardon with his behaviour. He was so normal with her and was feeling guilty as well as trying to compensate her.''

Example 3
Merry liked Sam so much. But Sam never noticed her. Merry sent a telepathic suggestion into his mind:
''Merry is very attractive.'' After some days Sam felt Merry very special and behaved accordingly.

Just think what you can do with this art. And also think what other can't do with you. Because this type of education is a must for all at least to be escaped from others attempt to control over you. Remember that this type of telepathic suggestion should be sent directly into subconscious mind without letting subject's conscious mind notice it at all. So sad to say, it is not easy task. But don't worry, I can help you with easiest way. Like us on Facebook. When my book will be live {It is free in digital version}, I will post it there. After downloading this book, you will be taught everything step by step with the help of texts, photos and videos.
Best of Luck
Discovered by Don Prince