The Mysterious Animal Attacks

A dog encouraged me to write this article. Actually a meat shop had been opened in front of the school where I was teaching. Besides the school there was a hotel where I went for launch and dinner. Our first encounter became strange. It was dark evening. When it saw me, without thinking a second, ran after me and tried to frighten me by barking loudly. Now we were face to face. In return I also tried to frighten it by shouting and making a water bottle as a weapon for it. Congratulation to me! I succeeded to escape.

It was only beginning. The dog was new to our locality. No one knew from where it came. However, everyone was saying it was all the time waiting bones at the shop. Waiting for me to attack was its daily schedule. I noticed it used to bark only at me even in the crowd. Day or night anytime it recognizes me. One day it came up to the gate of the house I was staying. When I was entering the house, people were talking about the dog that it was barking at the door. Actually I was not getting scared with the dog. Because it was a local dog and it used to only bark not bite. However I was disturbed by it as it always stopped my way. And the worse thing is that I had to walk this way several times for school, for institution, etc. One day I  mixed with a group of unknown girls. But I don't know how the dog knew it. It started to bark more loudly and came as if it was going to attack. One of the girls started to cry. I said,''Don't worry. It's barking at me.'' I requested to the master of the shop not to let the dog stay there. They were also surprised it was barking only at me. One day they tried to forced the dog to vacant the place but as the meat smell was there, it again came. The hotel master suggested me to throw stone at the dog. But I denied because I thought the dog was not attacking me. It was only barking. And we were not understanding what it was saying. I know dog may bark at criminals. But I am not a criminal. I have also heard from my childhood, dog barks at ghost. How can I be a ghost? Then why was it always barking at me? One of my genius friends said, ''May be you gave a negative impression in the beginning. So it is repeating.'' What a point! I really had reflected suspicion in the beginning. I remember when I saw it, my mentality and postures changed because I suspected it might attack me. Firstly it was being confused but suddenly it decided to attack. Here comes a question in our mind. It was a common dog, However why I thought it might attack me? The answer is very shocking. It's because this is not first time I am attacked by dogs and other animals. Its happening several times in my life. Now let's start the full story. Oh! I forgot to conclude this story. Later, the dog stopped barking at me. Because one evening I chased him very far and far till it became invisible to my eyes.

If you are not from Nepal and India, you may wonder animals are set free in the temples in Nepal and India. Then those animals will walk on the road freely. Sometimes they attack people in the street . Sometimes people are injured and even killed by them. One day I was encountered with a huge he goat which had been set free in the temple area. First time I was seeing such a big goat in my life. People say that it can break the big stone with just a hit by its head. I saw many people being aside on its way. But what a foolish and over confident I was! I was walking behind it. When I was close to it, it suddenly turned back and attacked me. At the moment I forgot everything and I caught its two horns. And at that time, I realized what is the difference between fighting with a man and with an animal. I think every fighter must have an experience of fighting with animals.. At that moment I felt I was kept inside a huge cage and there is a hungry leopard gazing at me. Some people gathered there. Now I took a breathe of relief but surprisingly saying, no one came to help me. All of them were audience. Some of them even didn't dare to cross the path nearby us. There were some kind but very cowards people too. They were suggesting me staying at the top side of the road. Some of them suggested me to catch the beard of the goat. I was not ready to leave the horns of the goat. But I can't stay there forever too. One time I made mind to lift the goat and throw in a big detach. But I did not want to start a fight. And I think now the goat was also willing to stop this drama. I slowly left it and stayed back. It also did not move. When I left it and came with people, it also walked left and right moving its head. It chased some of the people. I had become like a frog escaped from the mouth of a cobra. After some days I met it in the same place but it did not responses like anymore.

Once I had seen an American girl in Discovery Channel saying ''We must visit the world.'' Because she was seeing bulls walking with the people in the street of Nepal. But she perhaps does not know how cruelly those bulls kill the innocent people on the street. They are also set free in the street in the name of God and Goddess.

One day I was heading towards the Big Bell of a city riding on a bicycle. Some people were running towards  my direction. I didn't know why they were running away. Later I noticed a bull was chasing them. They were laughing. Some cycles and bikes were brought into floor by it. I had to stop there. The bull also stopped right in front of me and it became confused what to do then it returned back.

When I was about 16 years old, I had gone to my uncle's home in a village. There were some buffaloes in the shed. One of them was looking at me so angrily. When I was near to it, it enlarged its eyes and started to move its head to hit me. The second day also it did like this. As a teenager boy, I also kicked on its head. From that time forward I think it enlisted my name in its enemy list. So all the time whenever it saw me, it tried to be free to attack me.

When I was about 7 years old child. I was coming back my home from a relative's house. My little cousin was walking with me. Some cows, oxen and buffaloes were coming from our opposite direction. I noticed one ox was about to attack. ''Run.'' I shouted. My cousin and I ran away. It overtook my cousin and ran after me. I fell down on the floor and accidentally broke my hand myself. The ox did not touch me. I was hospitalized in the next day to plaster my hand.

One morning I was going to teach English language in an institute. It was 5 o'clock. I noticed a dog followed me on the way. When it did not stop to follow, I turned back and said, ''Stop''. It stopped there in the middle of the highway. After going farther, I turned back. It was still sitting and staring from the same place without moving an inch. What a obedient dog!

It was 10 am. Some school children were coming towards school. I met them on the way. They were blocked by a huge bull which was looking like an elephant. The bull was not stopping them. They were afraid and did not dare to cross the ways. I stood just in the middle of the road beside the bull, and the children passed by. I don't know what gave me this confidence.

Now at last, I am going to mention the most amazing attack. My mother often talks about it with neighborhood. When she was pregnant, she was walking on the road. A cow suddenly hit badly on her stomach. She was still alive. But what about the child inside her? As there was not technological instrument like today, the condition of the child inside her was unknown. Most of the local people talked that there was no chance of the child to be alive. But in the very next day of the attack, the child was born. It was not only alive but also healthy. And it was not other than me.

Animals are not enemies for me. Neither I am enemy for them. Animals are the symbol of the darkness to me. So I never get scared with the cruel animals. Because if they are symbol of darkness I am the symbol of brightness. And you know brightness shouldn't get scared of darkness. Because brightness is created by God to split darkness.
Discovered by Don Prince

How to Use Subconscious Mind for Success?

I want to start this journey with an amazing history. It happened in the time of the Second World War. Hitlar was the ruler in Germany. He hated Jews so much that he killed 6,000000 innocents. He had imprisoned so many of them. Victor Frankl was one of those victims. He was a psychologist. According to his description mentioned in his world famous book ''Man's Search for Meaning'' he escaped from the trap of Hitlar by using his psychic power. Do you wanna get it?

How did he do it?
While in jail, he continuously sent a message to his subconscious mind, ''I have been released from jail. I have written a book on psycholgoy. People are grateful by reading my book. I have power in my mind which even Hitlar can't overcome. So I won't die by Hitlar.'' He everyday sent this message to himself. Due to repetation, the message went into his subconsciou mind and it became truth. After that, he wrote his book, ''Man's Search for Meaning'' which made him a world famous psychologist.

The amazing thing is that Hitlar also had unknowingly used the same psychological method to get his wish fulfilled. When he had presented the Anti Jewish Laws in the parliament, it was not passed. But he repetedly presented it in the parliament. And his wish became true.

Austrian American actor, and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger also used the method of power of visualization to fulfill his dream. He visualzed so many times to be a world famous personality. He had complete faith on his imagination. As a result his imagination or dream stored in his subconscious mind and it came true.

Dr. Yogi Vikashananda says in his book Mind Power, ''Most of the famous people in the world became famous by using power of visualization.' According to him when a person is hurt, if he determines something at that time, it becomes true. Just for example Einstein was not a good student in his school life. His teacher said him, ''Albert, you can do nothing in future. Your future is very dark.'' Then Einstein determined to show to the world what he can do. Similarly Napoleon used to be hurt by his friends as he couldn't speak French properly and he was not the son of a rich father like them. Napoleon also determined at that moment, '' I will show all of them to be a very powerful person.'' Same happened with a Nepali poet Lekhnath Poudel also. He was in Archale of Pokhara. A poet was reciting his poem under a tree. Lekhnath also recited his poem. That poet hurt Lekhnath by saying, ''Your job is to graze the cows not to recite poem.'' Today we don't know who the poet was. But everyone in Nepal knows Lekhnath Poudel.

Our brain has two hemispheres, i.e., left and right. Left hemisphere is our conscious mind. It is responsible for our  intelligence and calculation. The right one is our subconscious mind. It responses our emotions. So if someone hurts us, we will be using our subconscious mind. In this situation, if we determine something, it will be sown deeply and the magic happens. It  happened with Einstine, Nepoleon and Lekhnath.

I want to relate a very interesting reference here. Dr. Maxwell Maltz, an American plastic surgeon found that 95% of the people's life changed after plastic surgery. But 5% people had no change in their life. He researched in 5% people and found that those 95% people used to feel they had got new life. They were happy and more successful. But 5% people got their face beautiful. But they did not change their mind. They used to think that they had succeeded to change their face only. Their life was same. So Dr. Maxwell Maltz suggests that we can bring change in our life if we change our thought about us. Dr. Yogi Vikashananda, the founder of Manokranit Movement also supports it and says, ''You should get up early in the morning and stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself. I am efficient, attractive, positive and powerful. I am a confident person. I am being successful day by day. You will have positive change in your life.''

I think you can also do it by visualizing yourself mentally, socially and physically sometimes in your life. If you can draw your picture of a perfect man inside your subconscious mind, your subconscious mind will make it true. If it is done through meditation, it is better.

Now I want to expose an amazing secret. If one can completely sketch his future in his subconscious mind, even death can't defeat him. He won't die till he reaches his future. For example, Gautam Buddha had come to this world with his missions. Someone tried to kill him. But he couldn't do anything with Buddha. Because Buddha was God and he had come to this world to spread the messages of peace. Another example is Lord Krishna was also tried to assassinate hundreds times by demons. But they could not . Because Lord Krishna was God and he had come to this earth with some missions. He had already sketched his future in his mind. Same happened with the founders of other religions too.

In this way you can understand that our life is not meaningless. Our life has meaning. And we don't die without knowing and doing that. I think man with strong dream is the most powerful man. Even death can't stop him, if he has got a strong determination for his life .
Discovered by Don Prince

How to Read Subconsciouly?

Maria was sitting alone. Tom came and asked, ''Do you know which one is correct between 'Professional' and 'Proffessional'?'' But Maria also became confused. Another day, Maria asked with Tom, ''Which is the correct one between 'bycycle' and 'bicycle'?'' Tom could not answer.

Have you ever faced such situation in your life? If yes, did you get the right answer? If not, let me teach you how to get the correct answer in those situations. It is not a difficult job. But it needs lots of practice. In the beginning you may fail to find the right answer. But as you practice continuously, you will start to get positive answer.

If you need to select any one word between two, don't try to remember it consciously. You have to read it subconsciously. And you can do it by writing both words somewhere. After writing the words, read or see them, then ask yourself 'Which one is correct?'' Your initial answer is the right one.

Need evidence? Whatever we learn are stored in our subconscious mind. Actually you have not forgotten the word. You had selected the wrong root to get it. But as soon as you write it, your conscious mind will check it by matching the word in your subconscious mind. As a result you get the right answer. It is just like searching the word in a dictionary to be confirmed. Hope you understand it.
Discovered by Don Prince

Telepathic Communication with Aliens?

5 Years ago a scientist said with Discovery Channel, ''People will be talking through their minds after 25 years.'' I don't know if scientists are working on it. But I am sure people in the past specially the Hindus in Hindustan used to communicate with telepathic art. Today I am discussing about the probability of telepathy, in another words mind communications in this article.

You may ask a question with me. Is Telepathy real? I want to give two simple events of telepathy. Consider it carefully.
1. You planned to go to the theater. You called your best friend on mobile to accompany. As soon as you invited, he said like this, ''I was also going to call you for theater. What a coincidence?'' Actually this is not coincidence. This is the unknown exchange of telepathic communication.
2. You were talking with two friends namely Rubi and Sanju. The talkative Rubi said, ''I fought with a tiger yesterday.'' Then you looked at Sanju and smilled. She also smilled. In this condition Rubi became red by looking both of you. Notice the telepathic expression among you three friends in this situation.

These two events are the beginning part of the telepathy. If we develop it, the price of mobile will go down. OK, let's not start a fun. Now I will present some scientific points {as  most of us are blind unscientifically with modern science} to advocate this topic. All of you know BBC Radio. Let me ask you a question. What does our Radio need to catch the program of  BBC? Its frequency, right? Yes, as we have to connect with the right frequency to connect the desired channels on Radio, one should catch the right frequency to receive the telepathic message sent by another. Here is the most essential conditional. Both communicators should be expert in telepathic communication.

You are forgetting a question. What carries telepathic conversation from mind to mind? Some scientists say that our thought {it is telepathic message if we are sending it to someone} moves from our mind to another mind or place in the form of waves which can't be seen by our naked eyes {I don't know if there is any device to catch this wave, do you know?}. I believe as our sound does not destroy, our thought also remains forever either in our mental atmosphere or in the physical atmosphere.

Have you ever imagined what extra ordinary things we can do if we explore telepathy? Let me entertain your mind with the imagination of telepathic success.
1. Our Astronomical research is still failed to communicate with the aliens of other planet {If there is claim to get detected the sound of aliens, this is not officially verified}. If we explore telepathic communication, we can explore another world without having physical presence on there.
2. The existence of God is still controversial {But I believe God by 400%}. We can communicate with God and ask with him, ''Mr. God, are you existed?'' So funny.
3. We can ask with our dead relatives, ''Have you got any problem? If you need anything, I will donate it to the priests.'' Just a joke.
4. Some scientists specially Stephen Hacking advocate the chance of time machine and time travel {I also believe on Time Machine and want to work on it in future}. We can verify it by talking with the people of future including ourselves, ''Hey, We are from your past.''

You may criticize Don Prince does research on fictions. Because this type of imaginations are beyond the limitation of the science. I want to remind you the story of Thomas Alva Edison {the inventor of electric light bulb}. He tried to invent electric light bulb. Many scientists told that he was doing a very foolish job. Because it is not possible as there lacks oxygen inside the bulb {cover a candle with a glass, and observe what happens}. The idea of those world famous scientists were no doubt scientific. However Thomas Alva Edison tried to do it even after he failed 999 times. In thousand's turn he did it. This invention changed the face of the world. So it is proven millions times in the history that nothing is impossible. Let's remember the quote of Napoleon. ''Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.''
Discovered by Don Prince

Control Mind with Telepathic Suggestion

I am learning Psychology from my childhood. However, my findings till now is not equal to the findings which I discovered in last year. Because I think I have broaden my mind tremendously in Psychology within a year. Specially, my knowledge on Computer Hacking helped me to find magics in Psychology. Because CPU can be assumed as a mind. And it is a proven fact that if we can program our computer, we can also program mind of people.  Besides, my mysterious book ''Secret of Super Powers: become a superhuman'' is also going to be released in this year. I have high expectation equal to ''The Brief History of Time'' by Stephen Hawking and ''The Interpretation of Dreams'' by Sigmund Freud with this book.  I know it is my over expectation and I am being over ambitious but I remember both Hawking and Freud were common people like you and me before they published those books.

Today I am writing about telepathic suggestion in this article. You find millions of articles and thousands of books on telepathic suggestion scattered randomly all over the internet. But I am giving new and extraordinary uses of telepathic suggestion. OK, no more suspense, read the title of this article once again, you will understand what I am talking about. Yes, you are right. I am advocating {first time by someone in the history of Psychology} that telepathic suggestion can be sent into the mind of other people to control their mind. Ultimately they will be doing what you will program on their mind. See the examples below:

Example 1
Adam was going to deliver a speech in a mass. He sent this telepathic suggestion into the mind of audience:
''Adam's speech is very effective. We must listen him carefully.'' When Adam started to speak, there was a pin dropped silence in the hall.

Example 2
Rose was scolded by her father. She sent this telepathic suggestion into the mind of her father:
''I am sorry Rose.'' Tomorrow her father did not say sorry. But Rose understood her father was begging her pardon with his behaviour. He was so normal with her and was feeling guilty as well as trying to compensate her.''

Example 3
Merry liked Sam so much. But Sam never noticed her. Merry sent a telepathic suggestion into his mind:
''Merry is very attractive.'' After some days Sam felt Merry very special and behaved accordingly.

Just think what you can do with this art. And also think what other can't do with you. Because this type of education is a must for all at least to be escaped from others attempt to control over you. Remember that this type of telepathic suggestion should be sent directly into subconscious mind without letting subject's conscious mind notice it at all. So sad to say, it is not easy task. But don't worry, I can help you with easiest way. Like us on Facebook. When my book will be live {It is free in digital version}, I will post it there. After downloading this book, you will be taught everything step by step with the help of texts, photos and videos.
Best of Luck
Discovered by Don Prince