Before learning how to interpret dream, you should know why to interpret dream. Dream interpretation has many benefits such as:
i. Dream is one of the medias of subconscious mind to interact with conscious mind.
ii. Dream functions as the bridge between human being and spiritual power.
iii. Some mental diseases are diagnosed by interpreting dream of the patient.

Now let's understand what the dream really is. Dream is a type of programming language coded on mind. This is the process of arranging the thoughts by subconscious mind.

Why do we see dream?
Because we think, we see dream. If we stop thinking, we don't see dream. But it is impossible to stop thinking. We think even while we are sleeping. So dream is a continuous process. We are spiritually recharged when we see dream.

Let's interpret our dream
Step 1: Recall the dream clearly.
Step 2: Understand the coded symbols of your dream.
Step 3: Find out the connection between your dream and your life.

Example of Dream Interpretation
1. The dream
In my dream I was going somewhere by carrying bed.
2. Symbol of the dream
Carrying bed symbolizes that someone is sick in my relative or friend circle.
3. Connection with life
In the same day I was called by my relatives from hospital to help them.

Another example of Dream Interpretation
1. The dream
He had love with an unknown girl in his dream.
2. Symbol of the dream
He had extreme desire to be given hand or help by someone special. It is symbolized by love with an unknown girl.
3. He got deceived or he suffered in life. So he is consoling himself by expecting true love and help through his future life partner.

Interpreting dream is not a difficult task. You shouldn't necessarily read big books to interpret your dream. You can do it simply by using common sense and obviously by learning a short lesson like this.
Have a sweet dream!
Discovered by Don Prince