Have you ever seen any driver driving and talking on phone together? If he is talking, then who is driving? I know you don't wonder if I tell you he is using his sixth sense. But you must be surprised to know that we all have sixth sense. The only difference is that most of us don't know how to unleash it.

First of all, let me clarify the sixth sense by some more examples. Read them carefully.
1. Shyam was sleeping on bed. His son came and stood in front of him. Though Shyam was in REM sleep, he opened his eyes and looked at his son and said, ''Don't disturb me while sleeping.''
2. You were sleeping in day time. Some family members were beating about bush. But you did not hear. But as soon as one of your friends came and asked about you, you awoke and said, 'Hey, I am here.'
3.  I was playing Chess with friends. Suddenly I said to someone, ''Hey, open the door. Someone is coming.'' My friends laughed and said,''No one is coming.'' Then someone knocked at the door. It was my brother.

If I need to say what is sixth sense in a clear sentence, It is not other than our subconscious mind. You know our mind is the most mysterious and amazing puzzle in the universe. Even Einstein could use only 5% of his mind potentiality. A general man can not use more than 10% of his mind potentiality. If someone manages to use more than it, he can give a threat to Physics and become a superhuman.

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Discovered by Don Prince