200 Years ago, a writer in Australia wrote a story about a city. He described a pitiful condition in the city brought by the earthquake. 1000 people died in that story. Yesterday it happened there. The city faced a tremendous earthquake which hijacked 1000 lives.

The news above is the product of my imagination. But it has a sense in our real life. You have heard people can predict future by interpreting the dreams. But I know it is first time anyone reading that precognition can be done through reading literature also.

As I have already told you in my previous articles, our subconscious mind knows past, present and future. Sometimes it wants to inform us about the events. But it can't directly interact with us. So it walks through the alternative paths like dream. It can also communicate with us through our feelings. And obviously like in the story of FINAL DESTINATION movie, it can give us symbols.

I recently discovered that our subconscious mind can interact with our conscious mind through the literature of our own or others. Because literature consists of the feelings of the writers. And feelings are the best media. Because it is not symbolic and confusing. Obviously if it is imparted in the mind of a writer, more people will get the same message with a single media and effort through a literary creation. That's why literature but not all can carry the events of future.
Discovered by Don Prince