Maybe you want to read many books. But you are not reading. Because you don't have time. Right? But what might happen if I taught you to read any book in a matter of a minute?

You are saying it is not possible to read a book in a minute. And you are absolutely right. No one can do that consciously. But everyone can do subconsciously. Yes, you can read any book in a minute if you use your subconscious mind to do it.

Believe or not, I sometimes read 10 digital books in a day. I am not alone. You can google it, you will find some other extraordinary persons in different parts of the world who are doing like it. The only difference is that some are genetic whereas some learn it.

I don't lie. It is not easy to learn this quality. But the good message is that anyone can learn it if he/she practices it regularly.

Selection of the topic of great interest is the first step you should do initially. You MUST have extreme desire or interest to begin. After that go on turning over the pages {scrolling on screen}. Read in mind the headings and the most fascinating sentences while going on. When you reach the final page, you are done.

I say again it is not easy as I described the process above. In the beginning you obviously won't get fruitful result. However, do the same with another book in the next day. Practice more and more, you will definitely get success.

Remember that there is vast difference between conscious reading and subconscious reading. If you read consciously you consciously store the knowledge. If you are reading subconsciously, the knowledge is stored subconsciously in your subconsciously mind. e.g., if you read a story consciously, you can tell that story to others. But if you read it subconsciously, you don't know the story but the lesson or moral of the story will be stored in your subconscious mind.
Good Luck.
Discovered by Don Prince