Either you are a teacher, doctor, police or a leader, social worker and psychiatric, you have to learn how to make other people positive towards you. And you can achieve it by using the techniques of hypnosis. In this article I will give you one of the best techniques that will help you to remain positive in the eyes of other people.

The easiest way to make people positive is to be positive towards them. If you somehow managed to embed belief in someone's mind that you are positive towards him/her, he/she will be automatically positive towards you. Below is an example of hypnotizing a person to make positive.

Shyam thinks that Hari is not positive towards him. He also thinks that Hari does not like his progress. So Shyam started to criticize about Hari. Ram informed Hari how Shyam was criticizing about him. In returns, Hari said, ''No, I can't believe it. First of all Shyam is a very good guy. He can't criticize any friend. In the other hand, he is very dear to me. He can't go against me.'' When Shyam knew about this comment of Hari, he began to be positive towards Shyam. Actually Hari was well known with the truth that Shyam was really criticizing about him. However he became positive and talked positively about Shyam. Because he knows this is the best way to make anyone positive. Now Hari and Shyam are very well friends.

So dear friends, if you want to make more friends appreciate all of them. And if you need more enemies, start criticizing your friends. Decision is in your own hand.