If you are reading psychic powers, remember that such practice can cause death. Let me give the scientific reason behind it. Firstly let's see some imaginary and real cases.

''A woman named Abeba from Africa was doing research on psychic powers. She was continuously reading psychic topics in different websites. One day she had a headache. She began to feel irritated with others even in miners matters. Her changing nature caused a fight with her husband. Little by little everything went out of order in her life due to her mental weakness. She severely became mentally ill. One day she committed suicide.''

Now let me tell you another case where the practitioner becomes physically ill while learning psychic abilities.
This is also a real case like the previous one.

''Raju from Asia was reading numerous Books related to psychic powers. He also wanted to be psychic. The climate was changing. He suffered from high fever. However, he continued learning and practicing. His health condition spoiled very badly. He had to stop his practice. However he died another day.''
Here is another case where a woman becomes the prey of the illusion of  some superstitious people. It is a more pitiable case.

''Jay Shankar from Indian subcontinent is a semi educated person in psychic abilities. He taught all what he knew to a rural woman named Laxmi. Some bad events began to happen in the village. Some people became sick. Some babies left eating. Some cows did not give milk. Some goats died. The villagers blamed Laxmi for those conditions. They beat her and she died.''
These cases are only representatives. There are many such cases happening throughout the world. They are not exposed because they are overshadowed.

Let us analyze the scientific causes behind those events. Note that this is my personal point of views. But they are triggered by my long experience in Psychology and Science. Let's not waste time.

Regular focus on anything can cause mental imbalance. It happened with Abeba. She was so interested in her topic that she became isolated from the outer world. People around her did not understand her condition and they worsened her unwillingly. At last she could not order her mental disorder and suffered from suicide disorder. No one took her to psychiatrist and she committed suicide innocently.

Our body decreases power to fight with virus of diseases if it is disturbed by mental weakness. It happened with our Raju. His mind was being weak due to the continuous focus on the same subject. The climate was changing. People began to suffer from fever and common cold. Being weaker mentally, his body easily got infected by viruses. He did not stop her reading, thinking and practicing. When he understood his case, he was too late.

Continuous practice of psychic abilities can make our subconscious mind more powerful unknowingly. It happened with Laxmi also. Though she was semi skilled in psychic abilities, she unknowingly absorbed some basic but effective abilities. Due to effect of the her subconscious mind, her ill-wishers began to suffer. In the other hand coincidence happened with babies and animals. Some people knew about her abilities. Those people were superstitious. As a result they killed her without knowing the reality.

These events give us a same lesson. If anything around you is changing while learning psychic abilities, you have to postpone your research or practice immediately. Thereafter you should divert your mind to other different things like going to movie, family tour, visiting friends, roaming market, reading literature, watching TV, etc. When you feel OK, you can start you psychological studies again.
Discovered by Don Prince