This article is about how to program the mind of people without their notice to make them do what you want. I am sharing this article provided that the hypnosis techniques from this article won't be misused to harm anyone. Neither am I responsible for any sorts of destruction caused by it. This article is only for educational purpose. And obviously, you can save yourself from any type of hypnosis attacks if you learn it properly.

There are many hypnosis techniques to make people do what you want. I mention here 10 seriously effective techniques which I myself have used in my life.

Technique 1: Alter the conscious mind of your subject
Example: One of my friends decided not to get his hair cut till he passes MBS. As a friend it was my duty to remind him. But I knew him for years. He wouldn't agree if I directly suggested him to get his hair cut. So I decided to use this hypnosis technique. Now I was going to alter his conscious mind to send my suggestion to his subconscious mind without his notice. To do that, I gave him an IQ question to solve. Now he began to think on it. I said, ''Leave it, you can't solve it.'' But he was a stubborn type of man. He continuously started to think on it. I found that his conscious mind was busy to solve that question. So I said, ''Your hair is being too long. You are looking very odd. Long hair does not suit you.''
After some days he got his hair cut.

Technique 2: Embed the feeling of guilt
Example: Sameer is the student of BBS. He has a habit of making notes of his all subjects. But this time, he had no time to copy the notes of friends. One day his brother Shyam mistakenly lost one of his notes. The note was not so important. However Sameer said, ''Oh my God! It was so important note. Now how can I write it again? I have many things to complete before my exam.'' Shyam felt very guilty. Sameer said, ''Now please help me to complete my other notes.'' Shyam was feeling so guilty that he became ready to write notes of Sameer.

Technique 3: Give help in need
Example: Sanjiv had helped Kamal so many times. So Kamal was feeling indebted to Sanjiv. One day Kamal was not agree with friends to go for tour. Sanjiv requested Kamal to go. Then Kamal immediately accepted.

Technique 4: Prove that you are superior
Example: One day I sang a song. My friends appreciated so much and I began to convince them in the previously pending matter. They all began to listen me carefully and agreed with me. Because they had begun to think that I deserved something better than them.

Technique 5: Repeat the suggestion
Example:  Ramila and Rajesh are newly married couple from Nepal. Ramila wanted to hold a job. But Rajesh did not allow her. Ramila repeated her request many times. She always tried to convince Rajesh. One day Rajesh also thought that he was wrong and Ramila was right.

Technique 6: Hurt the ego
Many years ago, a group attacked my best friend. My friends tried to investigate only. I hurt their ego by saying ''I have not seen any coward like you.'' Then we gave immediate answer to the enemies.

Technique 7: Give example of another person or case
Example: Many years ago, one of the colleagues said, ''You must be getting $ 350 monthly in this office. Because our boss had told me that he would pay that amount to the employee for the post before you joined here.'' Actually he was lying so that he could instigate me to demand high and leave the office. But I understood his intention.