What is Sixth Sense?

Have you ever seen any driver driving and talking on phone together? If he is talking, then who is driving? I know you don't wonder if I tell you he is using his sixth sense. But you must be surprised to know that we all have sixth sense. The only difference is that most of us don't know how to unleash it.

First of all, let me clarify the sixth sense by some more examples. Read them carefully.
1. Shyam was sleeping on bed. His son came and stood in front of him. Though Shyam was in REM sleep, he opened his eyes and looked at his son and said, ''Don't disturb me while sleeping.''
2. You were sleeping in day time. Some family members were beating about bush. But you did not hear. But as soon as one of your friends came and asked about you, you awoke and said, 'Hey, I am here.'
3.  I was playing Chess with friends. Suddenly I said to someone, ''Hey, open the door. Someone is coming.'' My friends laughed and said,''No one is coming.'' Then someone knocked at the door. It was my brother.

If I need to say what is sixth sense in a clear sentence, It is not other than our subconscious mind. You know our mind is the most mysterious and amazing puzzle in the universe. Even Einstein could use only 5% of his mind potentiality. A general man can not use more than 10% of his mind potentiality. If someone manages to use more than it, he can give a threat to Physics and become a superhuman.

My  historical book 'Secret of Super Powers: become a superhuman'' is coming soon. This book will teach humans to unleash the powers hidden in their own minds. And it will help them to get maximum uses of mind powers. More importantly, it will help all to reach to the next level more than a common humans. If you want to be informed when this free digital and premium hard cover book is published, LIKE us on Facebook and stay connected.
Discovered by Don Prince

Mind, Literature and Precognition

200 Years ago, a writer in Australia wrote a story about a city. He described a pitiful condition in the city brought by the earthquake. 1000 people died in that story. Yesterday it happened there. The city faced a tremendous earthquake which hijacked 1000 lives.

The news above is the product of my imagination. But it has a sense in our real life. You have heard people can predict future by interpreting the dreams. But I know it is first time anyone reading that precognition can be done through reading literature also.

As I have already told you in my previous articles, our subconscious mind knows past, present and future. Sometimes it wants to inform us about the events. But it can't directly interact with us. So it walks through the alternative paths like dream. It can also communicate with us through our feelings. And obviously like in the story of FINAL DESTINATION movie, it can give us symbols.

I recently discovered that our subconscious mind can interact with our conscious mind through the literature of our own or others. Because literature consists of the feelings of the writers. And feelings are the best media. Because it is not symbolic and confusing. Obviously if it is imparted in the mind of a writer, more people will get the same message with a single media and effort through a literary creation. That's why literature but not all can carry the events of future.
Discovered by Don Prince

Can Reading Psychic Powers Cause Death?

If you are reading psychic powers, remember that such practice can cause death. Let me give the scientific reason behind it. Firstly let's see some imaginary and real cases.

''A woman named Abeba from Africa was doing research on psychic powers. She was continuously reading psychic topics in different websites. One day she had a headache. She began to feel irritated with others even in miners matters. Her changing nature caused a fight with her husband. Little by little everything went out of order in her life due to her mental weakness. She severely became mentally ill. One day she committed suicide.''

Now let me tell you another case where the practitioner becomes physically ill while learning psychic abilities.
This is also a real case like the previous one.

''Raju from Asia was reading numerous Books related to psychic powers. He also wanted to be psychic. The climate was changing. He suffered from high fever. However, he continued learning and practicing. His health condition spoiled very badly. He had to stop his practice. However he died another day.''
Here is another case where a woman becomes the prey of the illusion of  some superstitious people. It is a more pitiable case.

''Jay Shankar from Indian subcontinent is a semi educated person in psychic abilities. He taught all what he knew to a rural woman named Laxmi. Some bad events began to happen in the village. Some people became sick. Some babies left eating. Some cows did not give milk. Some goats died. The villagers blamed Laxmi for those conditions. They beat her and she died.''
These cases are only representatives. There are many such cases happening throughout the world. They are not exposed because they are overshadowed.

Let us analyze the scientific causes behind those events. Note that this is my personal point of views. But they are triggered by my long experience in Psychology and Science. Let's not waste time.

Regular focus on anything can cause mental imbalance. It happened with Abeba. She was so interested in her topic that she became isolated from the outer world. People around her did not understand her condition and they worsened her unwillingly. At last she could not order her mental disorder and suffered from suicide disorder. No one took her to psychiatrist and she committed suicide innocently.

Our body decreases power to fight with virus of diseases if it is disturbed by mental weakness. It happened with our Raju. His mind was being weak due to the continuous focus on the same subject. The climate was changing. People began to suffer from fever and common cold. Being weaker mentally, his body easily got infected by viruses. He did not stop her reading, thinking and practicing. When he understood his case, he was too late.

Continuous practice of psychic abilities can make our subconscious mind more powerful unknowingly. It happened with Laxmi also. Though she was semi skilled in psychic abilities, she unknowingly absorbed some basic but effective abilities. Due to effect of the her subconscious mind, her ill-wishers began to suffer. In the other hand coincidence happened with babies and animals. Some people knew about her abilities. Those people were superstitious. As a result they killed her without knowing the reality.

These events give us a same lesson. If anything around you is changing while learning psychic abilities, you have to postpone your research or practice immediately. Thereafter you should divert your mind to other different things like going to movie, family tour, visiting friends, roaming market, reading literature, watching TV, etc. When you feel OK, you can start you psychological studies again.
Discovered by Don Prince

How to Get Your Wishes Fulfilled?

You may feel I am being personal with my article. But it is not true. Actually I am illustrating my findings linking with my personal experiences so that I can clearly make others understand whatever I am sharing with them. Unlike most of other articles, I am starting this article along my personal experiences.

Many years ago, I was in a famous city of Nepal. I was working as a part time teacher in some schools. One day a district level quiz was organized in the city. I decided to help the school which made me an established teacher in the city. I started to train 3 students in that school. When the day of quiz contest came, we won it. Though that school was one of the established schools in the city, it was probably the first time defeating other competitive schools. It was first time at least in my working years.

It was only the beginning. One by one, we started to win all quiz competitions. I continued training my group.
We defeated even the group which was the most competitive not only in our city but also throughout the country. Most of the time I used to say my group, ''You are winning today, there is no doubt.'' They used to ask me, ''How?'' But I never answered it. They also used to forget my prediction after winning the contest.

Now a twist comes in this story. We went to India to participate International Level Quiz Contest. It was the day of the contest. I met some unknown Indian students while coming out form the lift. They wished me even though they were not my students. That morning I realized something was being wrong. Something was being unfair. Someone from our team asked me, ''What happens today? Will we win this competition today?'' I said in a little voice, ''It is not sure. Every group will compete according to their own capacity. The group which is more qualified than others will win it. Most of the groups are coming from far away hoping that they will win it. Let's see what happens.'' That day my group became out even from the qualifying round.

The story does not end here. When we came back. Our group participated many contests in the city. But it did not get succeed. It hardly could get third position. However, I trained the group regularly. I told them, ''Try and stand in your own capacity.''

Today I don't say that the victory of my team was completely depending on my wishes. But it is also not wrong to say that there was somehow effect of my wishes too for winning the competition. If you don't believe it, you can stop reading here. If you believe it, go on reading. I am going to tell you how I did it.

As per my personal opinion, my 'belief' was the main factor to do it. When I believed that my team would win, there was no doubt in my mind. I was sure that we would get success. But later, when I realized that all students are equal for me whether I teach them or not, there was doubts in mind that my team might win the competition. So my team had to fight fairly which proved them weaker in front of others.

So in conclusion, if you want to get your wishes fulfilled, then have a full confidence that your wishes will get fulfilled. Don't keep any doubt in your mind. When your subconscious mind will understand your wishes, it will fulfill them magically. Best of Luck.
Discovered by Don Prince

How to Read a Book in a Minute?

Maybe you want to read many books. But you are not reading. Because you don't have time. Right? But what might happen if I taught you to read any book in a matter of a minute?

You are saying it is not possible to read a book in a minute. And you are absolutely right. No one can do that consciously. But everyone can do subconsciously. Yes, you can read any book in a minute if you use your subconscious mind to do it.

Believe or not, I sometimes read 10 digital books in a day. I am not alone. You can google it, you will find some other extraordinary persons in different parts of the world who are doing like it. The only difference is that some are genetic whereas some learn it.

I don't lie. It is not easy to learn this quality. But the good message is that anyone can learn it if he/she practices it regularly.

Selection of the topic of great interest is the first step you should do initially. You MUST have extreme desire or interest to begin. After that go on turning over the pages {scrolling on screen}. Read in mind the headings and the most fascinating sentences while going on. When you reach the final page, you are done.

I say again it is not easy as I described the process above. In the beginning you obviously won't get fruitful result. However, do the same with another book in the next day. Practice more and more, you will definitely get success.

Remember that there is vast difference between conscious reading and subconscious reading. If you read consciously you consciously store the knowledge. If you are reading subconsciously, the knowledge is stored subconsciously in your subconsciously mind. e.g., if you read a story consciously, you can tell that story to others. But if you read it subconsciously, you don't know the story but the lesson or moral of the story will be stored in your subconscious mind.
Good Luck.
Discovered by Don Prince

Why and How to Interpret Dreams?

Before learning how to interpret dream, you should know why to interpret dream. Dream interpretation has many benefits such as:
i. Dream is one of the medias of subconscious mind to interact with conscious mind.
ii. Dream functions as the bridge between human being and spiritual power.
iii. Some mental diseases are diagnosed by interpreting dream of the patient.

Now let's understand what the dream really is. Dream is a type of programming language coded on mind. This is the process of arranging the thoughts by subconscious mind.

Why do we see dream?
Because we think, we see dream. If we stop thinking, we don't see dream. But it is impossible to stop thinking. We think even while we are sleeping. So dream is a continuous process. We are spiritually recharged when we see dream.

Let's interpret our dream
Step 1: Recall the dream clearly.
Step 2: Understand the coded symbols of your dream.
Step 3: Find out the connection between your dream and your life.

Example of Dream Interpretation
1. The dream
In my dream I was going somewhere by carrying bed.
2. Symbol of the dream
Carrying bed symbolizes that someone is sick in my relative or friend circle.
3. Connection with life
In the same day I was called by my relatives from hospital to help them.

Another example of Dream Interpretation
1. The dream
He had love with an unknown girl in his dream.
2. Symbol of the dream
He had extreme desire to be given hand or help by someone special. It is symbolized by love with an unknown girl.
3. He got deceived or he suffered in life. So he is consoling himself by expecting true love and help through his future life partner.

Interpreting dream is not a difficult task. You shouldn't necessarily read big books to interpret your dream. You can do it simply by using common sense and obviously by learning a short lesson like this.
Have a sweet dream!
Discovered by Don Prince

7 Hypnosis Techniques to Program Mind

This article is about how to program the mind of people without their notice to make them do what you want. I am sharing this article provided that the hypnosis techniques from this article won't be misused to harm anyone. Neither am I responsible for any sorts of destruction caused by it. This article is only for educational purpose. And obviously, you can save yourself from any type of hypnosis attacks if you learn it properly.

There are many hypnosis techniques to make people do what you want. I mention here 10 seriously effective techniques which I myself have used in my life.

Technique 1: Alter the conscious mind of your subject
Example: One of my friends decided not to get his hair cut till he passes MBS. As a friend it was my duty to remind him. But I knew him for years. He wouldn't agree if I directly suggested him to get his hair cut. So I decided to use this hypnosis technique. Now I was going to alter his conscious mind to send my suggestion to his subconscious mind without his notice. To do that, I gave him an IQ question to solve. Now he began to think on it. I said, ''Leave it, you can't solve it.'' But he was a stubborn type of man. He continuously started to think on it. I found that his conscious mind was busy to solve that question. So I said, ''Your hair is being too long. You are looking very odd. Long hair does not suit you.''
After some days he got his hair cut.

Technique 2: Embed the feeling of guilt
Example: Sameer is the student of BBS. He has a habit of making notes of his all subjects. But this time, he had no time to copy the notes of friends. One day his brother Shyam mistakenly lost one of his notes. The note was not so important. However Sameer said, ''Oh my God! It was so important note. Now how can I write it again? I have many things to complete before my exam.'' Shyam felt very guilty. Sameer said, ''Now please help me to complete my other notes.'' Shyam was feeling so guilty that he became ready to write notes of Sameer.

Technique 3: Give help in need
Example: Sanjiv had helped Kamal so many times. So Kamal was feeling indebted to Sanjiv. One day Kamal was not agree with friends to go for tour. Sanjiv requested Kamal to go. Then Kamal immediately accepted.

Technique 4: Prove that you are superior
Example: One day I sang a song. My friends appreciated so much and I began to convince them in the previously pending matter. They all began to listen me carefully and agreed with me. Because they had begun to think that I deserved something better than them.

Technique 5: Repeat the suggestion
Example:  Ramila and Rajesh are newly married couple from Nepal. Ramila wanted to hold a job. But Rajesh did not allow her. Ramila repeated her request many times. She always tried to convince Rajesh. One day Rajesh also thought that he was wrong and Ramila was right.

Technique 6: Hurt the ego
Many years ago, a group attacked my best friend. My friends tried to investigate only. I hurt their ego by saying ''I have not seen any coward like you.'' Then we gave immediate answer to the enemies.

Technique 7: Give example of another person or case
Example: Many years ago, one of the colleagues said, ''You must be getting $ 350 monthly in this office. Because our boss had told me that he would pay that amount to the employee for the post before you joined here.'' Actually he was lying so that he could instigate me to demand high and leave the office. But I understood his intention.

How to Hypnotize a Person to Make Positive?

Either you are a teacher, doctor, police or a leader, social worker and psychiatric, you have to learn how to make other people positive towards you. And you can achieve it by using the techniques of hypnosis. In this article I will give you one of the best techniques that will help you to remain positive in the eyes of other people.

The easiest way to make people positive is to be positive towards them. If you somehow managed to embed belief in someone's mind that you are positive towards him/her, he/she will be automatically positive towards you. Below is an example of hypnotizing a person to make positive.

Shyam thinks that Hari is not positive towards him. He also thinks that Hari does not like his progress. So Shyam started to criticize about Hari. Ram informed Hari how Shyam was criticizing about him. In returns, Hari said, ''No, I can't believe it. First of all Shyam is a very good guy. He can't criticize any friend. In the other hand, he is very dear to me. He can't go against me.'' When Shyam knew about this comment of Hari, he began to be positive towards Shyam. Actually Hari was well known with the truth that Shyam was really criticizing about him. However he became positive and talked positively about Shyam. Because he knows this is the best way to make anyone positive. Now Hari and Shyam are very well friends.

So dear friends, if you want to make more friends appreciate all of them. And if you need more enemies, start criticizing your friends. Decision is in your own hand.