An Indian origin girl from Fiji sent a message on my Linkedin, ''Don, be safe wherever you are.'' I became confused. Why was she saying like that? I investigated about it. First, I found out how she connected with me on that social network. Actually she was reading my articles through Google. So she connected me on the network. I concluded that she was surely talking about my articles. But how can it be risky to write articles? Anyway, I got answer myself later. Then, I edited my all social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube, Sound Cloud and Pinterest so that no one could get my personal informations.

The reason is that I was writing some articles about psychic powers in my blog. I had also referenced my personal experiences there. Are you doing so? If yes, consider the following risks in your life:
- You may be fored by criminals and terrorists to misuse your powers for them.
- Police and government as well as international spy agency may force you to work for them without your wish.
- International research agencies may kidnap you to research on you.

Obviously I may not be what the reader in Fiji was thinking about me. However I drew security line around me to be escaped from the foolish people. But be aware if you are super human with your psychic powers. I am writing this article not to disappoint you. But everything in the world has both negative and  positive part. So it is intelligent to be conscious. Am I right?
Discovered by Don Prince