As all of you know that research is going on to find out how the universe was created which is completely depending on the theory of Einstein and Hawking. It's not other than Higs Boson which was believed to be the beginning of everything in the universe. This is also called God Particle as a scientist named it while he scolded God at the time of research. According to this theory everything emerged from God Particle in the universe. It somehow supports the Big Bang Theory about the evolution of universe.

If you study Hinduism, it says that God is omnipresent. Everything in the universe contain the part of God. It means God is present in every particles of the universe. Hawking's theory says that there is no hand of God in the creation of universe. But the study of particle physic which is standing on the same theory of Hawking integrating with the theory of relativity by Einstein is directly matching with the philosophy of Hinduism on origin of universe and creatures. So, who created God? Who discovered God Particle? Was not it already discovered in Hinduism?
Discovered by +Don Prince