I had some bad dreams of eating something last month. According to the belief in our society, such dreams result death of relative. Last week one of my close relatives passed away. I had really bad dreams in those days. Now I am researching on what actually causes bad dreams. And I have got the right answer.

First and foremost I want to present some examples of bad dreams so that you understand the spirit of this article clearly. Consider the following bad dreams and their meanings:
1. Falling upper teeth
Meaning: Death of elder

2. Falling lower teeth
Meaning: Death of younger

3. Getting yourself inside coffin or on the funeral pier
Meaning: Your life is in danger

4. You are called by a dead person and you went
Meaning: Your life is in danger

5. You are taking your bed somewhere
Meaning: Someone in your family is sick

These dreams are considered so bad, at least in Hindu Society. But remember that meaning of dream differs from person to person. I have already discussed about it in my previous articles. Please browse the older articles in the channel of Dream Interpretation in this site.

If you are having some bad dreams, don't be disappointed. Because you are having those dreams so that you can be conscious about the future event of your life. It means you can bypass them. I have already written about the method of bypassing the bad dreams in this site.

In conclusion, Bad Dreams are the 'consciousness message' to our conscious mind from our sub conscious mind. Apart from, the bad dreams may come to you due to some other causes like,
1. Unstable Mind
2. Problem in Life
3. Mental Imbalance

I hope this article helped you to solve your problem about dream. Note that this is my personal research and views. If you have something new ideas and points about it, don't forget to comment below.
Happy Dreaming.
Discovered by +Don Prince