As all of you know that I had done a detail research on the love story of Radha and Krishna. But someone hardly knows I had spent 9 months to conclude my research. When the research was published, hopefully, it became popular very soon in the world of religious discovery. Most of people agreed with me. But some of them are still standing with lots of queries in their mind. Particularly, I was asked many times by many people through National Discovery Channel to give an explanation to the relationship between Radha and Ayan. As I proved Radha to be the consort and life partner of lord Krishna, some people are asking me to clarify the issue of Ayan who is believed to have married with Radha. I am writing this article to give the answer of all the questions related to Radha and Ayan.

Ayan Ghosh, known as Abhimanyu was also shepherd like Krishna and his friends. If we analyze the meaning of Ayan it is shepherd. He also used to come in the Vrindavan. But he was not in the group of Krishna. If we turn over the pages of history, it says that a prank of lord Brahma created a confusion in the story of Radha and Krishna. According to the belief, one day Lord Brahma wanted to be confirmed that Krishna is the incarnation of lord Vishnu. He wanted to examine the power of Krishna. So he kidnapped Krishna's all friends from the forest. At that time Ayan also was separately present in the forest. So he was also kidnapped. Then Lord Krishna took the forms of all kidnapped friends and lived in every houses {He is God, he can do anything, just remember how he danced with all Gopinis at a same time} till Brahma returned his friend. As Ayan was kidnapped, he had taken the form of Ayan also. Then He married Rahda in the form of Ayan. This is the reality behind the marriage of Radha and Ayan.