Nepal an ethereal place with enormous and divine religiosity, pureed by the birth of preacher of peace, lover of nature and founder of world famous and unique religion "Buddhism” the storehouse of varieties of chaithyas established in the remembrance, worship and honor of the very kind hear-ted "Siddhartha Gautam" renowned as the "light of Asia" through his patience, six years long meditation and enlightenment that he got on those three questions regarding being old, sick and death. The religion "Buddhism was evolved in the principle of peace loving "Gautham Buddha". He was against violence, selfishness, hatred and so is the religion foundered by him.
The great and selfless deed of Buddha has made Nepal and all its part a sacred place. In accordance to that Charikot is that treasure of Nepal comprised with ethereal beauty which when noticed with a great expectation fulfills the topmost level of viewer’s desire. The most important accessory to uplift Charikot's beautiness is Buddhist's shrines commonly known as "GUMBAS"which means knot of tuft of hair in Sanskrit.

"Gumbas" the holiest place for Buddhist dwelling in Charikot and all Nepal. The "Charighang Gumba" of Charikot is the centre of attraction and place of prayer for buddhists.Mostly serpas, lamas, tamang, Gurung, etc follow Buddhism. It is believed that Newari king "Ratna Singh" constructed this stupa however the actual date of its establishment is still suspense. As per the consensus of local inhabitants the building of stupa is a complex, sophisticated set of steps that requires great care as well as the supervision of a trained master and will result in a powerful structure whose shape represents the Buddha in meditation or full lotus position. Specific ceremonial rites, was performed before, during and building of this stupa and many blessings, prayers and other auspicious items popular the interior creating profound opportunity for enlightenment.

This stupa is built in chitya style with wide and circular base which becomes narrower in the upper part. Attached to the semi-circled white dome, there is a square structure with ever watchful and conscious eyes of Lord Buddha. Above it there are 13 bronze rings representing 13 bhuwans. On the top, there is a parasol and pinnacle representing sovereignty of faith and protection Gumbas are to be surrounded with praying wheels however it does not seem so in the respective Gumba due to various consequences. Recently Krishna B.D.R Lama and other followers is taking care of this Gumba.It's protection, sanitation is in his hand.As per the report it is said that Buddhist priest and other care takers are planning to reconstruct this stupa but it should be on the same place.The changing of place may result in misfortune.Generally, the Buddhists erect shrines in the memory of important personalities. A huge crowd can be observed here during Buddha Jayanti, ceremonial burial, cremation and such other rituals.

The shrines of Charikot are not limited only within the prayers and eye-catching stupas but also enriched with sculptures and paintings signifying the importance of Buddhism lifestyle of the great lord Buddha. Various inscriptions, carvings etc can be observed here carving involves the cutting away of hard metals such as wood or stone to reveal enemies and modeling which involve the building of an image from malleable materials. These sculptures are conservative appearing over decades. The unique paintings have uplifted the standard of this stupa. Scroll paintings can be observed on coarse cloth depicting the life teachings and saying of Lord Buddha.

The present condition of this stupa is vulnerable and it’s a serious matter to concern with. So, people be serious in improving its status. Only a single family has claimed to be the care taker of "Charighang Gumba". We can now realize what our flaw is. So everyone lets be together and correct our flaw. So that Lord Buddha can apologize our disrespect towards him nevertheless he is never sad with us. Wherever he is I’m sure he will be proud with all of us to call us as his followers if we try even a bit to promote Buddhism and conserve stupas like "Charighang Ghumba". So everyone follow the principle of Lord Buddha and welcome peace enhance and care the "stupas" the heart of Charikot.

Among all after a seven days investigation and report we came to a conclusion that if priority is given and if we explore these shrines we can feel how valuable our culture is and how inspiring our religion is. Gumbas are the pride of our districts and asset of all its dwellers. In today's context, our neighboring country is claiming for lord Buddha's birth in their country and we are able to do nothing. In such a critical situation, if we just seeing the mess we will soon loose our glory and identity. The establishment of such shrines should be given due emphasis so that the religion would flourish all over. Encroachments on these sites have snatched the divines of our utmost level Gumbas. If we all went on overlooking this place then the day will come that our upcoming generation will curse us from being their predecessors and I believe that day to be and imagination only. Nothing more than that. This is possible when we all work hand in hand to preserve the Gumba like this .

So all the Dolakhalis, lets wake up and be dedicated to make our land,our pride and our glory always remain as a glory because untill and unless we neglect no second person would even say us "hey, why u people are being so irresponsible?"So finally wanna SAY

Discovered by Anusha Khatri, Nirala Dahal, Kripa Basnet, Sushmita Khadka, Manisha Chaulagain and Srijana Pakhrin via +Don Prince