Harry is a peace loving guy. He has no enemy. However he sometimes becomes opponent of some people because he gets problem and betrayal by them. He does not keep any feeling of revenge. But his sad wishers are always punished by God.

I know this type of issue is a bit uncomfortable for the students and teachers of science. But we can't underestimate the truth also if it is happening repeatedly. Harry says, ''I think I am the only one warrior in this world who does not need name and address of enemies to punish them.'' It seems a bit filmy. But it is true. I asked so many questions with him. He also answered them honestly. Now for some minutes, you will travel the most mysterious journey of National Discovery Chanel.

Now let's know some of the examples where God is helping Harry. Last year Harry got married with Eve. They were on the Honeymoon tour in Nepal. It was 8 PM. Harry and Eve took a taxi to reach the hotel where they had booked a room. The taxi driver planned to loot them. As Harry had already visited Nepal, he knew that the driver was taking them somewhere else. Harry asked the driver to stop the car. But the driver ignored. When Harry forced with anxiety and anger, the driver stopped and talked here and there. Eve reminded Harry and they went by another taxi. This incident hurt Harry badly. He says to Eve in frustration, ''He does not know with whom he has struggled, look you will listen a bad news about him very soon.'' The next morning when Eve read a newspaper of Nepal, she found the picture of same taxi in the newspaper. The news story read that the taxi had met an accident last night. Harry said, ''I had already told you yesterday.''

Now let's listen in Harry's own word, ''Mr. Don, I often visit Kathmandu. What I think about the city, I think one must visit the world. It's an amazing place. Let me say another incident. Once I became late with my holiday tour from Kathmandu. I washed my hand from my job. In the same year that company faced a huge loss which it had never had before.'' ''Do you believe that it is due to you/'' ''I had no ill wish for the company. But my God punished them. Who am I to interfere the God? Yes, in the beginning I had ignored what happened to my previous companies. But later I noticed that they all faced problems in their professional lives.''

Now let's go back to the childhood of Harry. One day he was unethically beaten by his English teacher. He did not want to create any enmity and dispute in life. But this event caused him to think about revenge. Because here he was not only beaten but also made a good fun which became impossible to forget throughout the life. Harry waited for the right time for the revenge. But before the deadline, the teacher was beaten, dishonored and humiliated several times by some known and unknown groups in the society. So Harry left thinking about revenge. Because he thinks that the teacher has been punished by God more severely than he has thought ever.

Let's conclude the journey. If we research we can find several such stories in the world. They are not coincidence. Because they are happening repeatedly and also being with many persons. As per my knowledge, I researched on some similar persons and found a same thing in all, i.e., goodness. Yes, all of them are good, truthful and religious. They can't think ill of anyone. They give more priority to others than to themselves. They love everyone. They help everyone. They have good heart. I think the goodness inside them which Harry tells his God is punishing their bad wishers. There is a belief in Nepal, ''The one who hurts others will be punished by God.''
Discovered by +Don Prince