Last month I met some doctors, engineers, lawyers, CIB officers and professors. Because those people are counted as educated people in the society. Other people believe their knowledge. And I asked all of them a same question, ''Do you believe on spiritual power or God?'' They gave common answer, ''Yes, creation of this enormous and amazing universe without spiritual power is impossible.'' All of us know that the number of people believing on religion and God is large in our world.

If you believe on God, you believe on God power also which we call super power. You wonder if I tell you super power is one of the hidden or undiscovered discoveries of the world. Our earth has numerous secrets which are yet to be uncovered. Super power is one of them. As flying aeroplane in the sky was scientific, super power is also scientific or psychological.

As I have already said in my previous article, Psychology is the key to understand the secret of super power. Today, I will prove how it is.

Everything, Lord Krishna's act of lifting hill to Jesus healing sick people is the miracle of Psychology. See the samples below how you can be a semi super man by using the knowledge of Psychology:
1. Controlling the mind of people: Hypnosis
2. Communicating from mind to mind: Telepathy
3. Moving objects with mind: Telekinesis
4. Knowing the event of future: Deep Knowledge of Subconscious mind to understand symbols
5. Knowing secret of people: Dream Interpretation
6. Cursing enemies: Manipulation of subconscious mind
7. Controlling people to do or not to do something: Sending subliminal messages secretly
8. Healing sickness of sick people: Raising power of faith
9. Showing magics: Bypassing the conscious mind of people
10. Understanding the people: Body language

I started learning Psychology at the age of 13. Some of my readers think that I am researching on psychic powers for years to gain money and power. But it is not true. Actually I am researching on the psychic powers which I by birth possess. It was my aim from my childhood to understand scientifically what I have and what I can do.

This article is the part of my forthcoming research based book 'Secret of Super Power'.