Mr. Pramish {name changed} lives in the capital city of Nepal. He is fond of writing stories. He is not a famous writer. But he is obviously an amazing writer. Because he writes truth. The most amazing part is that first he starts writing stories based on true situation. Later, whatever he writes becomes true in the real life of characters.

I know this is a bit uncomfortable to believe. You may be thinking why I gave space to such case in this channel. But I think every case should be given priority seriously. After all we are free to believe or not to believe. At least it may be useful for someone else in a corner of this world.

''Tell me how do you know what you write comes true?'' I asked him a question. He said, ''I came to know about it when it happened many times with me. I have already told you I specially write true stories. Either the event of real life influences me to write new stories. Once,  I wrote my own story. In the story, I had a son named Rojan {name changed}. I was unmarried at that time. Now after 5 years, I am married and I have a son, his name is Rojan.'' ''That may be your unknown desire to have a son with the name Rojan. Or it is just coincidence.'' I said. He thought for a while and then said, ''I told you I didn't believe at the beginning. But I had to believe when it happened many times. Just 3 years ago, I ......................'' He told me some other stories of his friends who were influenced by his stories.

Do you believe on the story of Pramish? Have you ever experienced such cases in your life? If yes, help us to research on it. If we get some more people with similar cases, it's easy to work on it. Hope, you will assist. 
Discovered by Don Prince