Last week when I asked Rs. 1000 with ATM machine, it gave me two notes of Rs. 500. The next day I had to declare the winners of a project work in school. 4 groups had participated the competition. I forecast that the group having two members will win the prize. The competition was judged by two of my colleagues. Exactly the group with two members won the competition.

2 years ago in Birgunj city of Nepal, I planned to go to theater with my best friend. As per the plan, we met in a place. We were about to head towards the theater. Suddenly I remembered that I had forgotten an important thing at home. We went back to home. After completing the task, we dropped for the movie. But we did not get any means of transportation. Later we hardly found a rickshaw. I told my friend on the way, ''Today we will have to return without watching movie.'' When we reached at theater, it was already closed. Because it was the time of Chhatt festival which is the largest festival of terai region.

These two cases are only samples. I often know the event of future. But I am not a traditional astrologer. I do it with the knowledge of psychology. If you analyze the above mentioned cases deeply and understand the psychology hidden in them, you can also know the future. But you should study the psychology in detail first. Else your forecast will be totally misleading.
Discovered by +Don Prince