Telepathy is the process of communicating without using any of the five senses. It is the communication through one mind to another. Some scientists believe that this communication may be between two humans, human to animals or human to God as well as spirit.

If we turn over the pages of the history of Telepathy, it seems to be emerged from India, the main land of Hindus. Some English researchers report that during the rule of English in India, Indian warriors used the technique of telepathy to communicate with each other as there was no any means of communications to send and receive the messages from remote places. It clears that the people of India were expert in telepathic techniques.

Is telepathy real? I personally believe on it as I sometimes feel its existence in my life where I surprisingly know the intention and plan of other people before they plan and wish. I also believe that all of us have telepathic power hidden inside our mind. But we don't know how to explore it. And exploring telepathic power is beyond the capacity of general mind. Because our conscious mind can't directly receive the message sent neither can it send message to. One can send and receive telepathic messages only subconsciously.
Discovered by +Don Prince