After experiencing telekinetic power unknowingly in my own life, I started deep study about it. But I was not getting any significant result. I became quite confused. So I unwillingly moved towards another topic. But the recently released Bollywood movie 'Krirish 3' raised my hidden spirit to start my research again. I was thinking that this movie would be quite unpopular among people as it was standing on the confusing and unknown science. But the estimation was totally opposite. In a few days, this movie became very popular. I started to think again. I had become a bit nervous while studying telekinesis because this topic had already consumed my 1 year time. But now I am confident that the science of telekinesis is real.

I have 7 points to prove that telekinesis is real. They are listed below:
1. When you open the pages of physics, it says that everything on this earth is already in motion.
2. Let's read the bible again carefully, even Jesus was using the power of telekinesis.
3. If you search in YouTube channel, you will find so many videos where some people are using their telekinetic power.
4. Search the word 'telekinesis' in Google. You will find millions of websites, blogs and books about it. It clarify that telekinesis is not fake.
5. Search the movies of Bollywood and Hollywood. There are so many movies which are based on telekinesis.
6. If you visit the world, you will find so many telekinesis research centers in many parts of the world.
7. If you deeply study telekinesis, you will know that this science stands on E=mc2 formula which is discovered and proven by Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist of the world.

At last, the oldest religion of the world Hinduism and its holy books are the proofs of telekinesis where Gods like Ram and Krishna had used the power of telekinesis. I personally believe that psychology is the main source of God Power. And telekinesis is obviously one of the topic of Psychology. Hence, there is no doubt, telekinesis exists and its existence should be officially declared by the concerned authorities immediately so that the telekinetic scientists will be encouraged to uncover its secret rapidly.
Discovered by +Don Prince