Are you worried of your bad dreams? If so, you have arrived in the right place to solve your problem. This article will give you scientific solution along with the full description of the causes behind your problems. Now, let's begin the journey.

You know that dreams are not the product of our imagination only. Rather, they have direct connection with our life. You may be familiar with the fact that dream is still one of the unknown topics in Psychology. However, it is universally accepted truth that some dreams come true in our real life. Let me enter in the point. Some dreams and their interpretations are common in the society. Just for example, in reference to the Hindu society, dream of eating food means someone is dying from your relatives. What will you do if you see such dream? Don't be afraid, I will give you the complete solution.

First of all, consider the following dreams which I experienced in my real life:
Dream 1
I was offered a new job by an institution.
I was talking with a friend in the next morning. I was telling him that nowadays I am getting job offer at least once in a month.

Dream 2
I was sinking in a pond.
I watched in television news that a man died in a river.

Dream 3
I was attending a marriage ceremony of my friend.
In the morning, I saw a marriage procession passing via my home.

Dream 4
I was watching a movie in theatre.
One of my friend phoned me and said that he would visit me after he watched the movie in theatre.

Dream 5
I was losing job.
I had a little bit problem with a colleague in my office.

Did you get something? Let  me explain. My all dreams were bypassed themselves through miner events or effects without my efforts to escape them. So I had no any real effect of my dreams in my real life. It proves that the bad dream as well as good dream may escape through some similar but miner events in our real life.

Now, let me solve your problem. If you had a bad dream and you are worried that the dream might come true in your real life, then firstly consider whether your dream has been already escaped through miner event or not. If you find that your dream has not been bypassed, don't worry. You can bypass it by your artificial effort. Connect your life event or conversation artificially with your dream to escape the bad events. For example, if you saw the dream of eating, you can do one of the following things to bypass its effect:
1. Eat the same thing in real life.
2. Talk with friends that you have seen dream of eating.
3. Plan with friends to have a eating party.

I hope I have solved your problems. If you have any query regarding this topic, you can express it through the comment on this artilce. I will definately solve it. Have a sweet dream.
Discovered by +Don Prince