Last week I had visited one of my close friends. He had called me for the launch that day. While we were having launch, he became so angry with his wife. Because there was less salt in the pulse. I was like one of the family members of his family. So he did not hesitate to scold his wife in front of me. I reminded him not to be serious in miner matter. He says, ''Its not first time today. She is putting less salt in pulse for 7 days continuously.'' His wife explained, ''I didn't do it knowingly.'' I understood the situation. But I didn't say a word to them. I only prayed God to save this family from any kind of problem in future. More clearly I had seen that someone in the family was going to die.

After some days, the friend phoned me at 9 o'clock night. He gave me very sad message that his grand father's brother passed away.

Before explaining how did I know this event previously, I want to say you another event. It happened 15 years ago. I was alone at home. My cousin came to take me to stay at their home for that night so that I don't feel lonely at home. I went his home. We were playing Chess game. But I was sad. He asked me the reason. I did not say anything. That day, one of our cousins became so seriously ill that many neighbors had to come to help us at mid night. In the morning he asked me a question, ''How do you know that our brother was ill last night whereas you were sleeping.'' I said,''I hadn't been able to sleep whole night yesterday. Because I knew that something was going to happen with us.''

Now let's know how did I know the future. In the first case of salt, the continuous getting less salt in pulse signals the death of close family relatives in that family. Because this family was Hindu family. In Hinduism, it is tradition that if someone dies in family, other members have to leave the salt for some days. In this way I had estimated the forthcoming problem of that family. But remember, if you are from other country out of Nepal and India, similar signal will have another meaning. For example, if you are Christian and you are getting less salt in food continuously, it may not be the signal of the death of relatives. Because Christians do not leave salt in the death of relatives.

In the second case, I was feeling annoying whole day. The sunny day had made me so exhausted and overwhelmed of the day. So I guessed something bad was going to happen with us. Because it was the unconscious message to me by my subconscious mind. And you know that according to Science, Subconscious Mind communicates through our feeling also.

I want to mention another very amazing event. I was taking 2 periods in Pashupati Shiksha Mandir, Birgunj, Nepal. I was going for the educational tour with the students and teachers of that school. Later, I changed plan. I was not going. But I saw the future that the bus with the students of that school was going to get dangerous problems while coming back from the tour. I was not able to think what to do and what not to do. There was no condition to tell about it to them. They wouldn't believe it. I told it to one of my colleagues Mr. Santosh Yadav, ''Something bad is going to happen in this tour on the way. I also join this tour.'' My guess was either accident or robbery. Anyway we went on that tour.

You may be thinking that how kind I was as I was going with them despite of knowing what will happen on the way. But actually I joined them because I used to believe that if I can see the event of future I can modify them too. And I have already done such things many times in my life. What is the meaning of seeing future if we can't change them?

When we were coming back from the tour, our bus was stopped on the road. It was about 1 o'clock at night and we were in the middle of jungle. ''What happened?'', someone asked in the bus. After some minutes, I heard a sentence by someone, ''Tire Punctured, we have to change it.'' Innocent travelers began to entertain in the bus to pass the time forgetting the risk of robbery. I also slept without any doubt and fear on mind becaue our bad future event had been converted into the miner event at that moment.
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