Many researchers from different nook and corner of the world are researching on psychic power. The cause behind it is different. Some are just interested on this topic whereas some of them may possess this power and they want to know the scientific cause behind it. Because if they know the reason, they can be confident on themselves. In the other hand, they can upgrade their efficiency.

One thing is clear that only special people have psychic power. They are different in the society and they are happy with their personality. I think all of them are good and they help goodness with their special qualities. I am saying this on the basis of known psychic personality of the world. Most of them are helping police to arrest the criminals. According to Stan Lee's Superhuman Shows of Discovery Channel, some of them are working in international investigation Bureau in England and USA.

One researcher says in his book that there are two types of people with psychic power. First category is genetic. The second learns it. But I think such power is only genetic. Some learn it but they already had it hidden in them. They were just unknown about it. So I think if one has not got it with genetic quality, every research goes in vain.
Discovered by +Don Prince