God and Goddess are believed to be the guide line for Nepali society and it has influenced and almost all the nook and corner of Nepal. Charikot is that corner which has influenced almost all area of Charikot. It is decorated with extreme religiosity and pilgrimage site from lip to the bottom at the top lies Great Dachhinkali of Kathmandu at the middle lies the renowned Kalinchowk and at the bottom lies the Mahangkal. The Charikot's wealth, the dwellers heartbeat. These 3 temples are considered to be the three sisters and as per the inspection. It is found that if we worshiped this three goddess the same day wish come true lord knows how much how much true the saying is.

Mahangkal a place is engulfed with the shadow and rays of purity religiosity and faith toward god and goddess. The local inhabited explain that a farmer named Neupane Brahmin found the statue of Shiva and Kali while plugging the field and after some years the respective Brahmin erected the Mahangkal the Great.

Lying on the lap of charikot, “Mahangkal” is that mine from where we can extract verities of treasures related to archaeological importance whose level is at the sky limits. Its coordinates are 27 degree39’9’’North to 86 degree 2’52’’ East from bhimeshwor nagarpalika from Kathmandu nearby cities. This temple is constructed on pagoda style with multiple roofs with a pinnacle at the top representing the Hindus freedom and religious tolerance. Before entering the temple ever opened gate can be observed giving all the devotees a warm welcome. Various idols, inscriptions, of god and goddess have take this temple to adopt magnificent beastliness. It is further decorated by additional temple around it. Various reconstructions are made in order preserve and promote the divineness of the place. The Charangeye river, the dense forest had added the natural purity to the religious gorgeousness of “Mahangkal”. These features have acted as the fragrance to the gold. Building of this temple was the vital step towards the popularizing of Hinduism one of the oldest religion of the world. From the establishment of Mahangkal i:e ( 80-90) years approx. till today people’s faith and believe towards Mahangkal has never got even a mark to decline. Many people from various corner of Nepal visit here to fulfill their aim, destination by worshiping the goddess of power “kali” and “Siva “the destroyer. Various animals, birds etc are sacrificed as per the promise made by the devotes towards the mahankali mai. It is believed that in case the pilgrim fails to fulfill   the promise it results in great misfortune in their life. Because of such miracles people are compelled to have faith in Mahangkal. The girls are restricted to enter in the main temple and nobody knows the reason behind it. The temple remains opens only in Saturday and Tuesday. As per their religious believe every devotes are forbade to enter the temple during the month of “Shrawn and Bhadra”. The people of every caste are permitted to enter in this temple. Castism is invalid in here.

Because of day by day increasing population, absence of aware and thoughtful manpower the mahangkal has not been popularized. As this temple is far from dwelling area the encroachment on this site is far behind. Similarly, in today’s context of time every religious places are about to lose its originality but mahangkal is still in the same condition on which it was made. However some reconstructions are made keeping in mind the need of time and changing situation. There are various heart-rending rituals which are needed to be uprooted like sacrificing of animals, birds etc in a deadly manner. Being the people of today’s era we shouldn’t continue such practices which makes us able to lose our status in our own eye. Such practices are the medium which have become the matter of laughter in international forums. Instead of sacrificing innocent creatures we can worship the gods and goddess with full devotion whole heartedly to impress the gods and goddess. Despite, the fact is that they will be impressed if we just crop the feeling of humanity, truthfulness and honesty within us.

As final saying we just want to scribble that if priority is given then charikot can earn unexpected benefit through the holiest Mahangkal. Donation campaign should be lunched in order to enhance the sustainability and long lasting development of respective temple. Similarly, various visitors are still unknown about the location and identification of holiest mahangkal. So steps should be taken to popularize it among the mass. So, everyone lets be together to uproot the bad custom prevailing here and promoting good practices.
though Mahangkal in the bottom it is on the heart of all dolakhalis and will always exists within us until and unless the Sun and Moon remain in the sky.
Once again,
Mahangkal is the heart of charikot heartbeat of all charikot (nibashi)!
Discovered by Milan KC, Janardan Chaulagain, Maharaja Thapa and Ayush Shrestha via +Don Prince