Yesterday Tony's beloved Mery left him forever. She got married with a rich guy. Tony is not disappointed with this event. Neither does he have any complain with God. But he has a question, ''If Mery was not made for him, why did she come to his life?''

Now Tony explains more, '' OK, I am not shocked if it is a common story. People fall in love and there happens sad ending like break up. But my story was different. My story took 4 years to begin. Mery and I faced many difficulties and problems. However, we were together for 4 years. If she was to marry with another, why did this story begin? What is the meaning of this story in my life? Wasn't that a stupid time?

The case of Tony may be your story too. The story shouldn't necessarily be a love story. When something strange and unexpected happens in your life, then you ask to yourself or your God, 'Why it happened with me?''

Our life is the collection of many stories about us. We go through many events in our life. We don't think about all of them. But if we face something stupid and irrelevant events, then we start thinking. We go to ask someone, '' What is the meaning of this event in my life?'' If you want to get the answer of your question, you have to know what happened later with Tony mentioned earlier.

After the break up event, Tony was quite alone. He took 1 week leave from his office to refresh his mind. But what could he do in his vacation? By the way he was fond of literature in his student life. He used to write some stories in local magazines. Now he decided to write a novel.  He started to think for the plot and theme of his novel. As Mery was still in his mind, he determined to write his own love story for his novel.

After 1 year the novel was published. It became popular in a short period of time. Surprisingly, the novel got national literature award and Tony became a professional writer. Now he is an established writer of his country.

One day, media asked him a question, 'What made you a famous writer?'' He answered with a smile, ''My love. Thanks to Mery. If she hadn't deceived me in love, I wouldn't have got this position today.''

So brilliant readers, I think you have got the answer of your question. The events around us are not stupid, random, irrelevant and meaningless. If we understand the meaning of the events happening with us, we can know previously what will happen in our life.
Discovered by +Don Prince