''I did not know who he was. But he often came in my dream with different faces. I didn't find his face clear in my dream. I didn't know why he used to come like that. He never expressed his love. However, I am sure he loved me.'' Anushka stopped suddenly. I asked her, ''How can you say that he loved you?'' ''Because every dream was about love. That feelings appeared in my heart whenever I saw him. And he was also reacting like me.'' ''OK, then what happened?'' ''One day I don't know why I asked with God for marriage with him. I told my God in my mind that whoever marries with me, I believe that he is the boy who appeared in my dream. In the same month my marriage was fixed with a boy. I was very happy as I was thinking that I had found my love who used to come in my dream. But......'' She stopped again . I asked, ''But? But what happened?" She took a long breathe and said, ''Before a day of my marriage, the boy again came in my dream and cried for a long time. Now I became confused. I couldn't break the marriage also. I couldn't even say this to anyone. Because people would say me to have been mad. They would never believe me. Finally I got married. I was still hoping that I was married with the boy who used to come in my dream. But I was deceived. I was deceived by my God also. I didn't find my love in my husband.'' ''After that did he come to your dream again?'' ''No, perhaps it was because I got married. He never came in my dream. But one day......., one day a serious distance was made between me and my husband. That night he again appeared in my dream. Then after whenever there was good relation with my husband, he did not appear. But whenever we husband and wife struggled with misunderstanding, he came in my dream.'' I was surprised by the amazing love story of Anushka. She was still saying her story, ''One day I realized that he wanted to break my relationship with my husband. So he was creating misunderstanding between us. Then I told him in my mind that if he was doing that he couldn't be a true lover and I can't love with such a selfish man. Then he never came to my dream again. And my relation with my husband is fine now.'' She finished her story.

Anushka was a 19 years old beautiful girl from Rajsthan of India. She from the beginning used to believe that there is someone from past or future who loves her very much. She had written poems dedicated to her lover of imagination. Her such dream was also begun from the same time. However, she was herself confused as she was well educated and smart. She couldn't completely believe in her feelings and dream. So she fell in love with another boy in her real life. But that boy deceived her. In the same time she was hurt by her owns. She was deceived by her close friends. However, she was living with a hope that at least her future life partner will understand her. Thereafter she had made the sketch of her boy in her mind. In this way she had overcome her loneliness. She ran one boy to another{ not physically} in search of her boy. But no boy was able to keep long term relation with her. She was too tired. So she took asylum to God as she was a religious girl and said him in her mind to let her meet her love. And she married with a boy. What happened there after is all of you know above.

Now let me analysis the dream of Anushka. What is the meaning of her dream? Why does a girl see unknown boy in dream? What is the meaning of unknown love in dream? Let's begin. Dream fulfills our desires. For example, if you don't' want to stay in village and you love to stay in city, you will find yourself roaming in city in your dream. So if you are loved in your dream, it means you are feeling lonely and you expect special love by someone special in your life. Same might have happened with Anushka also. She expected special love and care in her life .So she found someone loving her in dream.

Remember that this interpretation is not equal to everyone and for every cases. Because people have different lives. However, if your life story, feelings and events are matching with Anushka, then it is more possible that you are also experiencing situations like Anushka in your real life..
Discovered by +Don Prince