Do you think any date or number lucky for you? If yes, do you know why it is lucky for you? If you don't know, don't worry. I am going to prove it now.

I have taken the case of Mukesh from Sarlahi, Nepal {imaginary case} to clarify my opinion about your lucky date and number. The lucky date of Mukesh is 16th December. Do you know why? Because he,
- got married with his girl friend on 16th December 2005.
- started his new career as a manager in a company on 16th December 2006.
- got promotion in his company on 16th December 2007.
- was able to pass new loan from a bank on 16th December 2008.
- started his own business on 16th December 2009.
- cleared bank loan on 16th December 2012.
- built his own house on 16th December 2013.

I know you are still confused about your lucky date. Is it true? Does a lucky date work? Does it have any sense in real life? Isn't it a superstition? If it is real, what is the scientific cause behind it? Now I am going to clarify all these questions.

Lucky date or lucky number really works. When a special event happens in a certain date, our subconscious mind records that date and if another special event happens in the same date, there becomes psychological attachment between that date and a special event. Consequently whenever that date comes in life, it brings a special event.

Same happened in the case of Mukesh also. First he married on 16the December which was a special event for him. When he got job on the same date, he believed that the date is special for him. Then his subconscious mind recorded it. As a result a psychological attachment was set up between the special event and the date '16th December'.

What about unlucky date, days and numbers? Are you facing any problems or bad events in certain time? Don't worry. After reading this article, you have properly understood how those things work in your life. So don't let your subconscious mind attach any date and number with bad and unpleasant events. You can simply do it by not believing on any unlucky number and time. I Hope I helped you.
Discovered by +Don Prince