There is a famous belief in Hindu Society, ''If one sees wealth under the field in dream, he should quietly go to that place without speaking and informing anyone. The dream will definitely come true.'' Same happened in Daundia Khera of UP in India. A saint saw 1000 ton gold buried under a place in his dream. It was not possible for him to extract the gold alone. Or it was his own wish, he informed his dream publicly. As a result many people, media and government officials poured to the spot.

UP is the boarding state of my country Nepal. So I felt interesting to write about this event. Can such dream be true? Is it superstition? If it can't be true and it is a superstition, why is the government of India giving time for it? Yes, 12 members  Team o ASI of India started to dig the spot. And they were doing it after scientific verification. They tell that they can't say there is gold but there must be some kind of metal. They tell it takes at least 15 days to complete their process. The saint told that after the failure of ASI, he would say where they should dig and they will find the gold within 2 hours.

Chief Minister, leaders, intellectuals and common people had reacted differently on this event. Some said it was superstition but some believed it was scientific. Anyway the government of India investigated it on the basis of dream of a saint. So the question arises within us, can dream be true?

If we go back to history, we can find several examples of dreams being true. Present science also agrees that some dreams come true. But we are still unknown why dream comes true. The case of 1000 ton gold has added another puzzle in science of dream.
Discovered by +Don Prince